Digital marketing agency in Toronto

The best place to turn for excellent advertising tips is a reputable digital marketing agency in Toronto. Although multiple marketing agencies exist, not all provide the same services or level of expertise. In the current digital age, it is imperative that you choose a company that has experience and knowledge in marketing on social media and local marketing. That way, everything critical is covered.

LinkedIn is among the hottest platforms for marketing your online business. Matched Audiences closes the gap for delivering genuine and full-funnel marketing that helps you reach your target audience throughout the entire customer lifecycle. From the point of awareness through lead generation, to customer retention, to loyalty, this is a phenomenal tool. The top marketing agencies provide insight into the main advantages of using LinkedIn advertising.

It is important to note that with LinkedIn, you already have the opportunity to target members based on industry, company, titles, skills, and more. However, you can also reach an audience that you already know by retargeting them to your website through contacts from automation platforms and within your customer databases. That way, you reach the primary decision-makers at the targeted company.

  • Targeting Contacts – This social media platform makes it possible for you to connect your contact management platform and upload your email address lists. As a result, you can build a customized audience.
  • Retargeting Your Audience – You also have the ability to market members of LinkedIn who have already visited your website. Based on the way that Matched Audiences works, you can define the targeted audiences and then deliver ad content that is deemed relevant. In other words, Matched Audiences allows you to deliver content based on the very pages that people visited on your site.
  • Targeting Accounts – Another aspect of LinkedIn’s Matched Audiences is that you get to the very people who make decisions for the accounts you are targeting. For this, an account-based marketing campaign is run using LinkedIn’s data. With that complete, you can upload a list of the target companies to match to the more than 8 million company pages.

If you need assistance with LinkedIn’s Matched Audiences or any other SEO strategy, our team of experienced and dedicated professionals at Toronto SEO Group can help. We invite you to visit our website to learn about our full line of services or contact a company representative today.

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