Local Citations Why Companies Pay Top Priority

Why exactly are many businesses paying top priority to get listed on local citations? When it comes to local search marketing Toronto business owners are now recognizing the importance that local citations can play in search engine optimization. In order to understand exactly why these elements are so important to local SEO services in Toronto, it’s important to first understand what local citations are and what is local SEO.

A local citation refers to any mention of a local business online. This reference may occur with or without a link. In fact, such citations can appear in any number of forms, including the company name by itself or with a phone number. A citation might also include the name of the company, a phone number, and an address. Local citations are crucial to local search rankings for both Bing and Google. Businesses that have a large number of citations tend to rank higher than similar businesses that have fewer citations.

With that said, where the citations appear is also important. For instance, citations from portals that are well-indexed and well-established are capable of increasing the certainty that a search engine has about the categorization and contact information of a business. Basically, a citation confirms that a business is what a search engine thought it was. In many ways, a citation is an indication of authenticity.

In terms of local SEO Toronto business owners will find that citations can be particularly important for niches that are less competitive. This is often the case for businesses such as electrical services or plumbers, where a service provider often does not have a website. As a result, since there is not a lot of information available, a search engine must rely strongly on whatever information can be found online. Citations can also be helpful for validating that a particular business belongs to a community. When you follow best practice local SEO tips for developing citations, they can help to dramatically improve your business’s search engine rankings and drive more traffic.

It should be kept in mind that not all citations are the same. Mentions on quality websites are worth far more than citations on a website that appears to be spammy. Therefore, when planning to cultivate citations for your business, it’s important to pay careful attention to where those local citations appear.


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