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Micro-influencer marketing is used to influence prospects into taking some type of action, whether clicking through to your site from an outside source, staying on your site longer, which increases the chance for a conversion, or purchasing your product or service. A micro-influencer can be one person or an entire group of experts. For instance, a pay per click company in Toronto that specializes in PPC but also has expertise in implementing other SEO strategies has the ability to influence your prospects and is therefore a micro-influencer.

Focusing on PPC while being multi-skilled in different areas of SEO, a PPC agency in Toronto that serves as a micro-influencer can quickly increase the number of your leads. Typically, a micro-influencer has a high engagement rate, meaning this person or company possesses the right knowledge and expertise that makes it relatively easy to connect. As a result, the micro-influencer has the ability to generate more leads by connecting with the right audience and using the appropriate marketing strategies.

Whether the micro-influencer is a PPC agency in Toronto or someone with special insight and ability specific to PPC management in Toronto, the results are the same. Ultimately, a micro-influencer is very good at marketing, and because so it does not take long to start seeing substantially more followers with a good percentage of them converting to actual customers.

Another reason why a micro-influencer can bolster leads quickly has to do with who is being targeted. Rather than reaching out to random targets, this marketing expert or agency does a lot of research to make sure they understand your audience. That way, they only reach out to prospects who would be genuinely interested in your product or service.

There is yet another reason why micro-influencer marketing is so effective in generating more leads in less time. As an expert in pay per click or other specialty areas of marketing, this person or company is authentic. Whether taking a more traditional approach or implementing various digital strategies, the micro-influencer knows what to say, how to say it, who to target, and how hard to push. Therefore, this person or company is viewed as being genuine and authentic, which comes with a great deal of respect. That means that followers are more inclined to click through to websites promoted by the person or company out of respect and trust.

If you want to see more leads in a shorter amount of time, it is important for you to work with a qualified micro-influencer. At the Toronto SEO Group, we specialize in many different areas of marketing, including pay per click. To get your company off the ground the right way or turn a struggling company around, please give us a call. You can also visit our website to learn more about the various services that we offer.

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