Well I was happy to hear this morning that Google Webmaster had added a new function.  They now provide the date that your inbound links were found by Googlebot.  Additionally they allow you to download a list of your latest links.

I was hoping it might shed some light on a recent down turn in our own sites ranking on a few keywords.

So I did that….and I this is what I found…


A small sample of the negative links built



Over 1500 links from porn & spam sites!  No I didn’t build links to my site on Trannypornzone or Lesbiesecrets or any of these sites.  These links were built over a 3 day period from June 23rd to June 26th by someone trying to damage our rankings.  Unfortunately it has had a quick and measurable effect on both our traffic and rankings.  Negative SEO it seems does actually work.


What do I do next?  Well Google is the first stop.  My re-inclusion request is below, I’ll keep you posted


Good afternoon,

Ive noticed a sigficant drop in rankings for my site over the last 15 days.  I used the new Google Webmaster inbound link download with date function and have seen that more than 1500 spammy / porn links have been added to my site’s link profile since June 23rd.

Its clearly a negative SEO attack as you can seem my previous link profile contained no links from these sites specifically or any sites like this.  We have worked hard to build an organic online presence and we don’t promote or use spammy link building techniques.

The links all appear to have been placed from June 24th to June 27th of this year.

What can be done about this?  How can I help myself now and in the future?


Mike Childs
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