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When working with a reputable online marketing agency in Toronto, do not be surprised if making vertical videos for your social media is recommended. Top advertising agencies in Toronto rely on many strategies to enhance online visibility, boost conversion rate, and increase the customer’s bottom line.

A vertical video is created via a computer or camera. This video is then viewed in portrait mode opposed to the widescreen format displayed on televisions and big screens. By hiring a digital marketing agency in Toronto that makes vertical videos for social media, you are doing your company a huge favor. The following are four reasons why vertical videos for social media add value.

  1. Phone Orientation – The most obvious reason why top agencies in Toronto for digital marketing create vertical videos has to do with the viewing orientation on a mobile phone. Users hold their phones in a vertical position 94 percent of the time, which creates a huge opportunity for vertical video ads. Instead of forcing users to flip their phones horizontally to see a video, they continue holding it in the most natural position. Because vertical videos fill the entire screen, the number of people who pay attention increases.
  2. Mobile Access to Social Media – For the majority of mobile apps, designers assume that users will hold their phone vertically when visiting various social media sites. This is why it makes sense for a digital marketing agency in Toronto to create vertical videos as part of its overall SEO strategy for its business.
  3. Higher Conversion Rate – Not only are vertical video ads widely accepted by the viewing audience, they have become an important tool among top advertising agencies in Toronto. When a vertical video takes up the full screen, viewers are less distracted, which helps boost the conversion rate. Experts have shown that the completion rate for full-screen vertical videos ads on Snapchat is nine times higher compared to horizontal video ads.
  4. Vertical-Friendly Social Media Sites – When looking at how vertical videos render on different social media apps, you notice a pattern. For Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat, vertical videos are published without black borders. For YouTube, the black borders on an Android phone are hidden when a vertical video is in full screen and the user holds the device vertically. This shows that instead of pushing vertical videos aside, the major social media sites are embracing them.

To enhance your online business, our team of experts at the Toronto SEO Group can help. We offer a host of SEO services, including making of vertical videos for your social media. Visit our website to learn more about the different services that we offer or call to speak with a company representative.


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