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A top online marketing company in Toronto explains that while the Google Search Console is not overly complicated, there are several steps involved. Because of that, you may find it difficult to go through the process of setting this up. To streamline the process and keep up on when new marketing trends emerge, consider using the services of a reputable online marketing company in Canada.

Initially called Google Webmaster Tools because it was used primarily by webmasters, the named changed in 2015 to Google Search Console to let people know that anyone could reap the benefits. The information provided offers you a quick glimpse into the implementation of this free service.

The Google Search Console gives you the opportunity to learn a lot about your website and visitors. For example, you will discover the number of visitors, the medium used to find your site, whether a desktop computer or mobile device was used to search, and the landing pages visited most often. This exceptional service also helps you identify errors and fix them, create and check a robots.txt file, and submit a sitemap.

  • Adding and Verifying Your Website – Before using Google Search Console, you must first add your site and verify it. That way, Google knows that you are a webmaster, the site’s owner, or an authorized user. Remember, this service reveals a great deal of detailed information, making this step essential.
  • Adding an HTML Tag – Adding an HTML code is also used for the verification process. After adding, saving, and publishing the code, Google checks your site’s code for the verification code.
  • Uploading an HTML File – This step involves uploading an HTML file to the root directory of your website.
  • Verification Through Your Domain Name Provider – Your domain name provider is the actual company from which you purchased your domain or the company that hosts your site. This step proves that you own the primary domain, as well as all associated subdomains and subdirectories.
  • Google Analytics Code – Some people struggle with this step, which is why many turn to an expert for assistance.
  • Google Tag Manager – This is another aspect of the verification process.

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