PPC services in Toronto

A PPC campaign only works for you when you run it. But does it mean that it’s as simple as a vending machine, when you put money in, and get results out the other side?

Of course not.

Setting up a PPC campaign may not require you to have a PHD or any formal training, but it’s still not as easy as pushing an “on” button and waiting for results. There are many examples we’ve seen in our experience as a company offering PPC services in Toronto, of people making mistakes that make their campaigns inefficient, or too costly, or both.

If you are not careful, and don’t manage your campaign with attention to all important details, it might run aground and cost you lots of money for nothing.

As your friendly Toronto AdWords management experts, we have prepared this brief and easy to follow check list of items you need to pay attention to if you wish your PPC campaign to play out to its maximum potential.

So, without further ado, here it is,

The Basic Pay Per Click Checklist

  • Test any new ad before going into full launch, and dump the ones with low CTR
  • Go back to launched ads to review landing pages, try adding new ideas there
  • Get lower CPL and better positioning by adjusting bids for ad groups and keywords
  • Make sure link extensions are relevant, and optimize group extensions
  • Use negative keyword definitions to eliminate non-target audiences
  • Adjust your location settings to exclude audiences that are out of your scope
  • Use the Term Report to add specific keywords or keyword variations
  • Look into opportunities suggested by Adwords, some are really good
  • Use the time of day adjustments to increase impression efficiency
  • Most searches online come from mobile devices – optimize device performance

This list of advice is mostly useful for setting up an efficient AdWords PPC campaign, but what do you do to keep a finger on the pulse, while it’s running? How do you make sure your campaign is doing well on a day-to-day basis? Here is a list of useful advice to help you gauge your PPC campaign’s performance on the go.

Daily PPC Checklist

  1. Analyze and compare today’s performance with the day before and the same day last week. Consistency in the ad’s performance is important. It should be linear.
  2. Keep track of your monthly budget and reallocate it as needed. It’s best if it lasts you the month, but doesn’t run out ahead of time, creating “silent” zones in the calendar.
  3. Check for disapproved ads and/or keywords that land you on the second page or worse.
  4. Compare ad performance to landing page performance. A good ad leading to a low conversion page is a disaster, and should be addressed with haste.

We hope this helps you set up an efficient PPC campaign. Should you decide to really rock it and have your Adwords management done by a company that specializes in PPC services in Toronto, we are here for you!

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