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When you consider PPC paid advertising options for your business, of the few options available – Google and Facebook ads are two which come to mind.

They both have similarities as well as a set of advantages each, which should influence your choice when you pick one or the other for your ad campaign.

Moreover, depending on the target market, type of product and other criteria, we as a Facebook advertising and AdWords management specialists in Toronto, may advise some clients to take up both, for reaching their different goals.

In this blog article you will get a good idea of how those two systems of advertising work and when you should prefer which. Without further ado, let’s lunge in!

Facebook – the platform for Brand Awareness and Online PR

Unlike Google, Facebook is primarily a Social Media platform. People search on Google to find stuff, on Facebook they pretty much hang out. There is less probability to make a direct sale there, but it is the perfect place to make an impression, engage, create conversation and generate interest.

It is the ideal place to establish a lasting reputation for your brand or company.

Those audiences can be later converted into customers, and while this process may be more lengthy, it can be far more rewarding in the long run. And here are a few reasons why:

  1. Facebook ads target audiences based on interests, making sure you address people who are more likely to find your brand appealing to begin with.
  2. When you use Facebook advertising, you can choose and attract audiences based on clicks, and other types of engagement.
  3. It has almost 1.3 Billion active users and 1 Trillion page views a month.
  4. Engagements on Facebook cost less than on AdWords, and Facebook ads can be optimized for mobile devices, increasing their efficiency.

If you are running a startup or a company that offers lots of materials to talk about, which users find enticing, it is the place to share it. Fashion designers, media personalities, and other similar brands also thrive on Facebook.

Google AdWords – a Sales Driving Machine

Google is amazing at attracting relevant search traffic to your page. If you target people who look for your product, service or company anyway, when they find you – it is much more likely to result in a sale. Those audiences are not casual observers, like in Facebook, but active potential customers. Here are several important advantages of Google AdWords:

  1. You control the budget and set keywords that the ad will respond to
  2. You only pay when the ad is actually clicked, not for “like”s and other reactions
  3. Google has 2.6 billion users every month and 180 billion searches
  4. You can choose negative keywords and indicate in what area searches not to appear
  5. You can target mobile devices or non-mobile devices, by separating the budgets

Which advertising platform you end up choosing is ultimately about your goals, which may lead you to choose a bit of both systems, if fact.

And if you are still undecided and wish to get the help of a professional Toronto Facebook and PPC services specialists, feel free to contact us and our team of professionals will be happy to help you.

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