Pay Per Click Trends 2016

Services rendered by Bing and Google are known to undergo constant changes, with updates to algorithms and other nuances being introduced constantly. Those changes affect both organic SEO and PPC (pay per click) campaigns, forcing you to change and adapt your digital marketing strategy.

Preparing for Pay Per Click Trend Changes

So what changes in PPC trends should you expect and look out for in the next year? Here is a list of the main new trends. Read it, take it to heart and don’t say we didn’t tell you!

Mobile is the New Default

With mobile searches growing in frequency, people spending hours every day on their various smart devices, content has to be optimized for use on those devices first and foremost. Getting optimized for mobile is imperative for many industries, because those mobile clicks are out there and are waiting to be collected!

You Will Get to Know Your Audience

Persona targeting is the new way to do it, with PPC ad designers aiming at very specific end-user groups and are able to track their performance and interactions. This mechanism is becoming more complex and efficient with every passing click. It is true not only for Bing and Google, by the way, but for PPC ads on Facebook and other social media networks where user data is even easier to examine.

Hug the Keywords Goodbye

No, they are not out the door yet, but extensive work is being done to make searches more responsive. In other words, the search engine will attempt to understand the intent of the search, instead of operating on keywords only. So far, those efforts are in their rudimentary state, and we don’t know exactly how it will work out and when, but it’s coming. One thing we know for sure is that this change will reward sites with quality content rather than those which are rigged with keyphrases, strewn amidst low-grade content. We’ve all seen them and wondered how they ended up at the top of the results page, right? Not anymore.

Content Rules All – Again

This leads us to the conclusion that content will once again reign supreme. Natural language searches make mould-cast keyphrases pretty much obsolete, and it means that quality content will become more efficient in both organic SEO and PPC campaigns. Informative content in blogs and on-site pages is as relevant as ever, especially when commenting is allowed and you can create meaningful connections with your visitors.

A Video is Worth a Thousand Pictures

This same trend towards quality content also means that video is on the rise. Capturing audiences with well-made visual content has always been a good strategy, but videos were considered a waste of time. After all, it was the keyphrase that drove traffic. Now video is back again and here to stay it seems, as a driver of traffic on the quality-content principle.

This was a brief overview of the changes, but should give you an idea of what direction is best taken in your next PPC endeavor. Stay tuned for more, and if you are looking for PPC services in the Toronto area, just click us now and we will go from PPC tips to affirmative action!

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