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There is no denying it: Pinterest presents a pretty lucrative opportunity for social media

marketing. Research conducted by the Pinterest marketing firm Piqora found that a single

pin on Pinterest creates an average of $0.78 in sales. A Shopify study found that visitors

to a brand’s Pinterest page are more than 10 percent more likely to make a purchase than

visitors to a brand’s Facebook page are. Effective Pinterest marketing is all about

harnessing that sales potential.


So, what can you do to take your Pinterest marketing strategy to the next level and boost

sales? Well, it’s all about increasing repins. More repins translates into increased

visibility and more sales. And the key is to get as many repins as possible right off the

bat. According to one Pinterest study, roughly 30 percent of all click-throughs happen the

day after the content is first posted. Therefore, the more repins you can get in this initial

window, the higher the chances that your content will continue to be shared down the

line. In order to increase repins, take a look at these Pinterest promotion tips.


Make sure your pins are designed for smartphones. If you want to increase repins,

you need to make sure that your pins are smartphone friendly, as over three-quarters of

all Pinterest usage comes from mobile. If your pins are not smartphone friendly, you’re

likely missing out on a key segment of your audience.


Add categories. Always add categories to your content, as this will make it easier for

people to find and, subsequently, to re-share.


Time it right. Be cognizant of when you are pinning and make sure that this corresponds

with the times that your audience is most likely to be online and tuned into Pinterest.

Keep in mind that pins posted between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. and between 8 p.m. and 1 a.m.

have the highest rates of repinning. Additionally, more pins are repinned on Saturday

than on any other day of the week.


Be aware of color schemes. Coloring and lighting matter when it comes to visually

driven social media platforms, like Pinterest — and they matter a lot. To leverage color to

increase repins, keeping the following in mind:

 Avoid black-and- white images. Many people think black-and- white images look

artsy and elegant, but the truth is that they get way less repins.

 Avoid dark images. People don’t especially like dark images and, therefore,

don’t tend to repin them. In fact, images that are in the medium lightness range

get repinned 20 more times than dark images do. If it’s necessary, it never hurts to

edit your image to make it lighter.

 Avoid desaturated images. Users like bright and vibrant colors, which is

probably why images that are saturated at 50 percent get almost 10 times more

repins than images that are desaturated.

 Favor reddish-orange images over blue images. Did you know that images in

warm color schemes, particularly reddish-orange images, get twice as many

repins on average as those that are principally blue? Be sure to leverage the power

of warm colors when it comes to curating Pinterest content.


Repin old pins. Pinterest is great for recycling content. If you had a pin that was

especially popular, it never hurts to repost it a few months down the line. You’ll give it

new life and increase pins.


In conclusion, if your brand has decided to invest time and resources into cultivating a

presence on Pinterest, it’s key that your content is getting repinned. If you’re struggling

to increase repins, you may want to consult a professional content marketing firm for

expert Pinterest promotion tips and a more comprehensive Pinterest strategy.

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