Google AdWords and Bing Ads are forms of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. Effective Google AdWords and Bing Ad campaigns can be great additions to any search engine strategy and can work to significantly grow traffic and substantially increase sales — all of which translates into an improved bottom line. The PPC experts at the Toronto SEO Group are adept at developing, implementing, and managing highly successful Google AdWords and Bing Ad campaigns. We will target the consumers that are most interested in the products and services that your brand offers, ensuring that you attract consumers that are ready to make a purchase. Your company will see more traffic, improved conversion rates, and more revenue.

The Toronto SEO Group: Your Key to Google AdWords Success

The Toronto SEO Group provides goal-oriented, results-driven Google AdWords management services. After comprehensive audience analysis and keyword research, our experts will produce high-performing consumer-targeted ads that will get you the traffic you need to succeed. And because all of our AdWords campaigns are grounded in comprehensive research, our experts never just guess what works.

Optimized Keyword Bidding to Make Your Marketing Budget Go Farther

Optimized keyword bidding is a foundational element of all Toronto SEO Group AdWords programs. This works to maximize the effectiveness of your advertising dollars and ensure you get the keywords you need to succeed.

Visualize Results with Goal-Oriented Campaigns

Every Toronto SEO Group marketing campaign is goal oriented. We believe that is the most effective way to track progress and measure success. After all, how can you see what your digital marketing dollars are doing if there are no goals to be met or no benchmarks to surpass? We will use a combination of exact match, phrase match, and broad match keyword-targeting strategies fully tailored to your company’s unique needs. We never implement any program until goals and objectives are clearly defined and all parties agree on how progress will be tracked and measured.

Get More Leads, Get Better Leads

At the Toronto SEO Group, we aren’t just interested in the quantity of leads. We’re interested in the quality. Our AdWords management services ensure your company gets the best possible leads using sophisticated targeting strategies, including:

    • Mobile Preferred Ads: These specifically target mobile users, allowing for customized messages and mobile-specific calls-to-action that appeal specifically to mobile users. You will boost mobile conversion rates and enhance mobile user experience.
    • Audience Targeting: Show your ad to specific audiences based on affinity audiences, in-market audiences, similar audiences, or other interests.
    • Geo-Targeting: Leverage the power of the local with geo-targeting by targeting ads to specific countries, states, cities, and location groups. This allows you to build your brand’s presence in the areas where you know you will find your target consumers.
    • Contextual Targeting: Match your ads to sites or pages that are relevant to your keywords or keyword themes.

Strategies Based on Comprehensive Research and Testing

When it comes to developing an effective AdWords strategy, no company can afford to make guesses. That is why at the Toronto SEO Group, all of our strategies are based on comprehensive research and testing. Our research and testing span the entire funnel, from keyword identification to A/B testing, to ensure optimal ad performance.

Continued Monitoring and Reporting for Ongoing Success

With the Toronto SEO Group, you will never be left to wonder where your AdWords dollars are going. We have a full commitment to transparency, so you will always be able to see how your ads are performing and where your marketing dollars are going. We understand that ROI matters. With the Toronto SEO Group, your company will benefit from continued monitoring, ongoing reporting, and expert management. You will always be able to see which ads and which keywords are performing best.

Go Beyond Google and Leverage the Power of Bing

Google has a significant part of the search engine market, with most experts estimating that it controls roughly two-thirds of the market. But there is more to the search engine market than just Google. The Toronto SEO Group is here to help you leverage the entire power of the search engine market, not just two-thirds of it. That is why we also offer Bing Ad management. Users make over 3 billion searches per month using Bing, so targeting Bing users is an important component of SEM. Our Bing Ad management services, including strategic keyword discovery and selection, ad text creation, optimization of landing pages, conversion tracking, ad submission, PPC monitoring and cost management, and ongoing campaign modification and optimization, will help you generate more traffic, improve visibility, boost visibility, and increase revenue. As with our Google AdWords management services, you will benefit from optimized keyword bidding, comprehensive testing, and continued monitoring and reporting. For more information about how the Toronto SEO Group’s Google and Bing AdWords management services can take your search engine marketing strategy to the next level, give us a call today.