Toronto SEO Group is proud to introduce a Vancouver based SEO outfit that shares not just a similar name but a similar commitment to deliver real results.  Good luck guys!

VANCOUVER, BC – JAN. 29, 2012 – With unethical search engine tactics being recognized and penalized by search engines now more than ever, Vancouver SEO Group has launched to offer businesses ethical SEO services that grab attention from both search engines and potential customers. Vancouver SEO Group services include on page optimization, off page optimization, online advertising and SEO consulting.

Google and other search engines penalize certain ‘black hat’ SEO methods by lowering the rankings of websites considered to be using these unethical tactics, which include keyword stuffing, duplicate content and content written for search engine algorithms rather than people. These websites end up getting lost in search results, and are sometimes blacklisted from them altogether.

Vancouver SEO Group represents a return to catering to website visitors by using ethical search engine optimization methods to help them find information relevant to their needs. By making search engine optimization more people-friendly, businesses are connected with higher quality leads, rather than increased bounce rates.

Vancouver SEO Group  helps businesses gain more exposure online with customized online marketing strategies. Services include page optimization, web design, content, keyword research, link building, press releases, AdWord campaign management, lead generation and consulting.  Checkout their website to learn more http://www.vancouverseogroup.com/

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