Practical SEO Tips to Get your Site Endorsed by Google News

Regardless of how great your website might be, if it’s not listed on or endorsed by Google News, your audience is limited. Below we explore some of the most common reasons many sites never appear in Google News and provide practical tips to help you get your content included.

Before exploring tips to help get your site listed, it’s important to first understand what Google News is and exactly why you need SEO in Toronto to make sure your site is endorsed. Google News collects and displays headlines and news stories from tens of thousands of sources from around the globe. That content is then displayed based on user interests and preferences. When your site is listed in Google News, you are able to expand your brand’s traffic, visibility, and reach. As is the case with all search results on Google, you must follow certain best practices and guidelines to ensure your content is included and ranked well.

In exploring SEO services, Toronto website owners will find that their content must be relevant, timely, and of interest. Additionally, content must be original and accurate. Website owners who feature a mix of aggregated and original content should take care to differentiate between the two or run the risk that none of their content will be listed by Google News. It’s also important to avoid the use of anything that might be considered excessively distracting, including videos, adverts, etc. Content that is supported by strong trust signals have the best chances of making it into Google News. Trust signals include telephone numbers, physical addresses, etc.

Certain technical guidelines must also be met when planning for SEO service inc. in Toronto to ensure inclusion into Google News. Since Google utilizes an algorithm for discovering and crawling through content, it is imperative that you pay attention to these guidelines. Most such guidelines follow traditional SEO in Toronto for ranking factors, but there are also a few others that are unique to Google News. For instance, all URLs and anchor links should describe the content and must be permanent and unique. Content must also be provided only in HTML format. This is because JavaScript and PDFs cannot be displayed or crawled.

Finally, keep in mind that the only type of content Google News accepts is news content. Regardless of whether your content includes opinions and quotes, if it has even a hint of being promotional or a business advert, it will be rejected.


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