Real Estate Search Engine OptimizationSo you have your real estate website finished, the pages have been optimized for search and you are wondering what else you can do to improve your rankings – GET FOUND.

FYI – Inbound links to your site are extremely important

Each link that points to your site has a value that it gives to your site and helps your sites ability to rank.

Not all links are created equal and there some that are worthless and possibly damaging though not everyone agrees on that.

Bottom line, you want to build as many relevant quality links as possible to your site.  You don’t want to use link farms, cheap automatic directory submissions or other fairly worthless means to build links.


These are some simple things that a real estate agent site owner like yourself can do to boost rankings and overall online presence.

On Your Real Estate Social Profiles

Most agents have social profiles on sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & Linked In.  The interactive & engagement value of these social profiles is most important but since 2010 they also have a proven search engine optimization value as well.

  • Ensure that you have claimed your Facebook vanity url  (not sure how? Contact me  866-518-1468).  This will make it easier to get your Facebook Fan page to appear for searches related to your brand name.  It also makes it easier to use in advertising should you choose to make FB a bigger part of your marketing.
  • Post Links back to your site on your fan page & personal page.  Make sure you do it in a way that will not be perceived as spammy i.e. once a week is good.
  • Post links back to your site on Twitter.  Make sure you revert to the old Twitter in the drop down menu, otherwise the link will be shortened!
  • You can use YouTube for listing videos, local information or for photo slide shows of a listing.  When you upload the video, make sure you link back to your site at the beginning of the description -

Note – The url shortening is going to continue to be an issue.  Right now if you revert back to the previous version of Twitter, the shortening can be avoided.  All social networks are heading to this though to cut down on link spam.
With any 3rd party software you will get the same problem.  The only way to ensure a clean link is to do it manually on the social site itself.

On Your Real Estate Blog

While you are writing about relevant information, using keywords related to your focus keywords, why not embed links back to the appropriate pages on your site.  For instance if you have a page targeting Downtown Toronto Condos and you are writing a blog post where that keyword phrase makes sense to use, then link that keyword phrase back to the page about  Downtown Toronto Condos.  Keep it relevant and keep the links down to no more than 3 per post.

On your Real Estate Website

Content content content!!!

I can’t stress enough the importance of fresh quality content.  Think of Google, Bing & Yahoo as constantly hungry for new information.  They don’t want information copied from other sites or regurgitated from other sources.  You need to write fresh industry relevant content that your potential clients would want to read.  If your clients would like it then it’s a good bet that the search engines would too!  Why not use pictures and video as well to make your point.

Remember – always give the content a title that mirrors the subject of the content, ditto for the headings (make them H1 if you know how).

Tip – after you publish your content, post a link to the new page on your social profiles to get them indexed(found) quickly.

Happy Selling –


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  1. Great information, Im so hungry for information that will help me with my marketing. I’m a fairly new real estate agent in Barrie Ontario and really focusing on marketing myself online.


  2. Hi Mark, thanks for taking the time to comment. It can be a nightmare for real estate agents to find their place online. Between Gary Vaynerchuk extolling the virtues of social to the guys that fill your inbox or get you on the phone about SEO & online marketing, you are left with mixed signals.
    Stick with the basics of inbound marketing SEO, Social Engagement, extremely well targeted PPC & Conversion Optimization – analyze – improve – repeat.

    • Great question! Pintrest has developed so fast that we are just starting to integrate it into our programs. That said, if you have images or video that you think others would like to share & see then Pintrest might have a real upside for you.
      We will get out a post once the platform matures a bit and we can see what jthe real value is for ROI minded users – cheers

  3. Royce Leviston

    Thanks for the heads up. While general keyword research is extremely important, it is wise to dig a little deeper into related words and longtail phrases to expand the reach of the article in the search engines. Search Engine Optimization, is an important consideration when putting anything on the internet.


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