Hi Mike,
I need to understand better the intent of landing pages. Regarding the suggested list:

–  Accreditation – these are listed under About Us (Health Canada number and CSA approval for electrical equipment).

–  FAQ – not really applicable? We have the Customer Support page for directing specific inquiries.

–  Ordering – listed under Terms and Conditions

–   Awards – n/a

–   Blog – You’re also working on this?

–   Education (medical and patient) – we have the Education Center page (which we have yet to add content!!)

–   Product alerts – n/a

–   Product directory – this could be something, although we already have our product directory within our drop-down Menu (Products).

…. most of the above noted pages can be found via the links right at the bottom of our Home page (or any page).

…. So having said all that, I need to get an idea of what you think should be on these pages then I can come up with some more ideas.




Hi Dave,

The landing pages are not necessarily intended to functionally deliver that information, but more designed to make that information work better for your rankings.

The landing pages are designed to attract visitors that are already searching for your services by creating targeted pages that are 0ptimized for our target phrases.

They add textual content to the site because even though Google has gotten much better at understanding context, it is still essentially a complex text reader and needs that text present on your site to understand its relevance.

If you would prefer a clean site we can probably work around it and deliver the same results.  That said, superior results are more likely, the more quality relevant content that is on the site and regularly added to the site.


SEO in 2013/14 is all about content.


That goes for new landing pages as well as beefing up the content on your already existing pages.  Perhaps we can revisit the landing pages down the road and build up the text content on some of your product pages like your shock wave page.
This page needs additional content about Shockwave Therapy.  It needs to be unique to your site, substantial enough 250 words+, well written and added to the page in a way that it adds to the look and feel of the page.

Please let me know if you have any questions or feel free to reach me by phone.



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