The term “remarketing” sometimes confuses people, but it is simply another word for “retargeting.” It’s the practice of showing marketing ads and messages to people returning to a website. While this seems simple, the practice is more complex than that.

How Does Remarketing Work?

Different programs allow you to remarket. When using these tools, you target people who have previously visited the website. You choose the marketing messages that they see. You can also group your visitors into categories so you can control the messages that are delivered to them. This grouping is done through tags, or cookies, that are placed on the pages of the website. This cookie tracks the visitors so that they are identified when they come back.

You can target people who have visited individual services pages, the homepage, or the contact page. You can target a specific group of visitors with a message that could turn them into customers. That targeted message could be a discount or another type of offer.

Remarketing also enables sellers to follow you on the internet and show you ads that bring you back to their website when you click them. If you have ever noticed that you see ads on Facebook for products that you have looked at, it’s because you are being tracked.

Remarketing Is Useful

While some people have described this tracking behavior as “creepy,” it is very useful. Retailers are having a great deal of luck with remarketing. People may look at a product and then decide they will go back to it later. If they see the product on that website when they go back or on another website, then they may be reminded that they want that product. It is similar to sending an email or a piece of direct mail, but it is much more obvious and you don’t have a delete button to click before seeing the content of the communication.

Why You Should Remarket

Overall, remarketing is a great marketing tool in adwords management when done correctly. Sometimes, people have to see the same thing several times before they commit to it. They have to put thought into their potential purchase. If it is following them around, they may see that potential purchase as meant to be. They then click the ad, go to the website, and complete the purchase that they have already been considering. Without remarketing, a visitor may come to the website once and never come back.


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