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When a website runs for years, it tends to accumulate a vast number of pages. Content pages, blog articles, news updates and a great deal of other content that has been indexed, ranked and keeps getting visitors.

Only problem… some of it is old, old, old.

It may be old in terms of content (five year old price charts or other outdated information) or, more likely – it follows the old webpage styling, which is usually text-heavy and lacks visual flow.

The result? People drop in, look around, and… drop right out again.

So how do you give your old pages some new Energy and Vibrance?

To answer this question for you, our SEO team composed this short list of 5 main content repurposing ideas that will give your old pages some new glitter.

  1. Flowcharts. With content nowadays mostly viewed from phones and tablets via social media pages, it is now necessary to break it down into easily digestible, sharable chunks. Cheat Sheets also work very well in this regard, by focusing on the nuts-and-bolts, the essence of what you’re saying, without any bells and whistles. The page doesn’t need more content, after all, it’s been up for a while and is already ranking. Adding a flow chart or infographic near the top will hike up its popularity, get more shares and increase traffic.
  2. Slideshows. If it’s moving, the cat will follow it. Yes, this rule also applies to us, internet users. Enriching a page full of otherwise static text with a dynamic slideshow presentation will make people stay and browse some more. Rearranging your whole page’s content into a horizontal slideshow, not unlike an ebook layout, will also make for a nice refreshing change.
  3. Video Materials. Even better than slideshows, videos are super efficient clickbait. People love watching cool, interesting, goofy and other types of videos on their browsers. Add one near the top of your old page to give it a new feel, and you are done. Make sure the video matches your own content and won’t lead people off of your page, of course.
  4. A combination of video and plain old content, podcasts allow you to read video versions of your old posts, sometimes accompanied by a slideshow or animation. Or you can publish interviews and reviews on your page, enriching it some more.
  5. List Mastery. The use of lists is one of the most efficient tricks in content marketing and repurposing. Rearranging your page into list style will simply make it more readable. People like a book with a chapter list in it, and also a page with bullets and numbers. It makes it easy to read, navigate and understand. We like compartmentalizing information. Help the user by arranging your information into a tidy order and they will stay and keep on reading. Provided the content itself if interesting and relevant, of course. Also, repackaging content in lists allows you to put links where they fit best – in category names. Good for the user and good for your SEO if you use H2 and H3 tags for them.

Those were the main five tricks we use as an experienced Toronto content marketing company, when we need to do some serious content repurposing.

There’s more you can do – isn’t there always? – but these five tips will do the trick in most cases, reviving your old content nicely. Enjoy!

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