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To most effectively run your website, you need to be attentive to server issues or network problems right when they arise. Lack of awareness on your part could lead to lengthy downtimes, which isn’t good for business. Just like excellent website design services or professional search engine optimization, effective server monitoring is a key part of maintaining a great website. Luckily, there are a plethora of monitoring tools out there that allow you to recognize any problems or issues that might be caused by server overload, crashed servers, poor network connections, or interference from other devices. These tools can measure a host of different metrics to ensure that you run your website like a pro, including availability, response time, memory usage, CPU usage, disk space, uptime, and more. So what are the best server-monitoring tools out there? Let’s take a look.

Happy Apps: The great thing about Happy Apps is that it provides comprehensive monitoring for apps and IT systems, which makes this an excellent option if you have apps available for your users. You can monitor apps, databases, app servers, and messaging queues, and Happy Apps also allows you to execute custom queries. You can set up alerts via SMS or e-mail, reports are comprehensive and straightforward, and you can perform analysis on identity patterns, stored data, outage, and performance issues.

Microsoft Network Monitor: This packet analyzer allows you to capture, view, and analyze all your network traffic. It is especially useful if you need to troubleshoot network problems or applications hosted on your network. Microsoft Network Monitor boasts a range of impressive features, including support for 300 public and Microsoft proprietary protocols, simultaneous capture sessions, and a wireless monitor mode.

Nagios: This open-source monitoring system is perfect when you need to pinpoint and remedy network problems, ensuring that you are able to address issues before they have any kind of impact on critical infrastructure or key processes. This tool offers a comprehensive view of each part of your IT infrastructure, as well as thorough, timely status information. You can monitor network protocols, system metrics, services, applications, servers, and network infrastructure.

PRTG Network Monitor Freeware: This program monitors your network’s availability and network usage. One of the major advantages is its convenient and user-friendly web-based interface, as well as the fact that it is available for apps on iOS and Android. Key features include flexible alerts, in-depth network monitoring capabilities, and comprehensive reporting.

The bottom line is that effective server monitoring provides a detailed account of the health of your network and servers, as well as key performance benchmarks. This keeps things running smoothly, helping to prevent costly downtime. After all, why invest in costly website design services and great search engine optimization if you aren’t doing what needs to be done to ensure that your website is up and running for your users? And with so many different tools and services available, there’s no excuse not engage in server monitoring.

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