Should you be worried about Googles Updates?Matt Cutts has warned webmasters & SEOs that the next few updates will be “jarring and jolting” for webmasters and SEOs.  Have a look at the comment ruckus going on the original post –   You don’t see the F-bomb tossed around often on SEO blogs and forums.

For my part I advise clients to try not worry and keep doing good optimization.  The guys that get hit and will continue to get hit have been using easy link building techniques and lazy content production.  You want good ranking results then there needs to be some effort put in and for those using outside SEO’s  – don’t use the cheapest guys…bottom line.

I was asked today…

I hope this does not negatively impact our rankings:

(this client was hit drastically by Google’s Penguin Update earlier this year and subsequently contacted us for a fix…which was successful)

Been hit yourself?  Give us a call not every site impacted by the Penguin update can be easily fixed but let us at least tell you where you stand.


I responded…

There’s no way to predict but my experience suggests its unlikely. You were already impacted by the changes as a result of your own previous SEO efforts and Google has some fixing to do with single domain SERP domination issue.  Sites that escaped the last round and sites that benefited unreasonably from the last round are going to be hit.

Try not to worry about the growing changes with G. They have 2 priorities they have been working on for 2012.

  • 1 is to modify the SERP to maximize click throughs on their ads.
  • 2 is to continue to provide the most relevant organic listings available.

Google has no issue with sites that promote themselves within the rules. Press releases, non profit links, guest posts on related sites all fit the bill for fair promotion in Google’s eyes.  An active content creation program and fair link building practices will act as a hedge against Google’s never ending battle with unfair SEO.
That’s it …build your online presence without breaking Google’s webmaster guidelines and you can expect that your rankings wont be affected when the inevitable updates come calling.



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