Rank Building

Now, we know you read the title and it got you at least curious enough to read on, however cryptic it may have sounded. And read on you should, because there is good stuff ahead. It is going to be enveloped in a lot of techy lingo, so before we start throwing undecipherable terms at you, let’s explain what this is all about.

Enter New Rank Building Tools

Both Schema Markup and Google’s Data Highlighter are new tools that allow you to boost your ranking. Since we are in the business of search marketing services, and this helps you with exactly that, we decided to break it down for you and maybe help you decide which of those tools you are better off putting to work.

What both of them do is enhance your site’s ranking and boost the way it looks on the search results page. They do it by pretty much pointing the finger and showing the search engine what tasty bits your web page contains. The search result your visitors get will contain what is known as rich snippets, such as extra-relevant bits of text, pictures, rating bars and the like.

The Nuts and Bolts

The tool Google offers is the Data Highlighter. Right now it only marks up events, so it is not as versatile as we just described, but it’s still perfect for local search marketing. By events, we mean anything like guest lectures, open dance classes, wine tasting gatherings and anything exciting that you are making happen. You access this tool by registering with Google Webmaster Central.

The main benefit of, which does essentially the same thing, is that unlike the Data Highlighter, it is also applicable on other search engines. Bing will not recognize your rich snippets when you use the Highlighter, but sure will if you use Schema Markup.

So Which Should You Use?

We would say use Schema Markup, and Google’s Data Highlighter. Why? Because why not? The former will get you covered on all search engines and the latter will gain you additional points from Google, which loves it when you use their products.

That’s all for now, folks. Now go play, there’s lots to learn out there! If you want to know more or have unanswered questions, you are always welcome to contact us directly and we will be glad to assist you with them!

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