SEO consulting in Toronto

For help with building backlinks, it is important to work with a company that offers the best SEO consulting in Toronto. While online marketing tips are available, the better solution is to work with a respected web marketing agency. The right firm will implement the best marketing strategies based on your specific needs and goals.

An essential building block for SEO, a backlink is when an external website links to your site. Make sure that backlinks come from reputable and relevant websites or blogs. Otherwise, they will fail to perform on a search engine results page. Following are a few examples of building backlinks naturally.

  • Unique Content – Write a case study, research, or a data-driven post for your niche that one has ever written. Just make sure the content is useful, informative, and credible. Once written, promote the work to appropriate sources, people who typically cover articles related to your post. After sending the content out, ask those people to link their post to your site’s resource page.
  • Frequent Content Updates – For your stellar piece of content of no more than 500 words, refresh it periodically so that you keep getting fresh backlinks.
  • Social Media Networking Sites – Another solution involves taking profile backlinks from social media networking sites with a high page rank. For instance, from Pinterest, which is a PR9 site, you can add one link to your profile. Even if no one follows that link, your overall ranking will improve.
  • Features Others – Quality backlinks also come from featuring other bloggers on your blog. However, the guest blogger must have a good reputation for writing content relevant to your product or service. In response to a posted guest blog, your online visibility improves, along with your website ranking.
  • Infographics – For quality and diverse link profiles, use graphics. When the graphics look professional, it will be easier to share them on visual social sharing sites.

Along with the things that you need to do to build backlinks are a few things to avoid. For example, you never want to use SPAM or an anchor tag SPAM. Google frowns on both practices, which could lead to a hefty penalty.

Whether using these or other backlink strategies to boost your website ranking, we can help. At the Toronto SEO Group, our team is 100 percent dedicated to your success. We invite you to visit our website to learn about our company and services or call us today.

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