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This article is one of our B2B series and is aimed to help fellow professionals to prospect their SEO consulting clients, but also give an introduction to our own potential clientele of the way we approach our SEO consulting work.

One of our primary functions as an SEO consulting partner is to translate an end result into a clear plan of action you can follow to reach a set goal.

This means whenever we speak with a new client, the first thing we need to do is define their goals and current status compared to this end result. This includes a thorough mapping of their situation, which we achieve by asking a series of very poignant questions.

What is your target market?

This is important because every well-made SEO strategy is aimed at a specific target audience. If the client doesn’t know who their target audience is, this question will put them on track for answering it. The entire SEO strategy will depend on it, because different audiences respond better to different types of content and can be found in different places on the web. This is crucial because if you don’t use conversion-focused content, then you will simply not have conversions.

What are your in-house resources for implementing your marketing strategy?

It is important to know that even a modest digital marketing strategy will require someone to be there and implement it. It is important for us to make sure our recommendations are within our clients’ capabilities. Otherwise the client will not be able to handle the workload and it will be us who had failed him. If we know the client’s capabilities, only then we can advise them accordingly.

Who else are your decision makers?

When a company consists of more than one person, we might need to have more than one point of contact with its team. Besides keeping the relationship stable, it will allow us to create a more productive dialogue and come up with solutions that are accepted by everybody on board.

What is your current strategy?

A serious Toronto digital marketing consultant brings solutions to the table only after they get an idea of what the client already has working for them, or had tried before. Those prior experiences are a starting point that should never be ignored.

What is your measure of success?

The client’s goals are where it all begins and ends. We need to know what their mid-term success measurements are. A rise in sales – by how much? More inbound links and clicks – how many? A rise in keyword ranking – what rank do they aim at and how soon do they wish to get there?

When it’s put this way, the client gets to understand we know what they need, and we get a chance to translate it into a step-by-step plan that will get them there.

That is where the real SEO consultation will start, leading to growth and success.

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