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– Toronto SEO Group provides Search Engine Optimization services for Hamilton businesses. Just part of a comprehensive internet marketing program, SEO should always be the base of your online efforts.
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In terms of SEO in 2011 the job has gotten simpler but more time consuming. The days of being able to game the system with spammy content, overloaded keywords, doorway pages etc. are long over. The algorithms used by Google & the major search engines rely on signals from your website that are now hard to fake. Clean site structure, clear on page focus, fresh relevant content and quality inbound links are the main items that a company like ours can help you with. We perform all our work within the guidelines set out by the search engines to help your site rankings without risking what you have already built.

The 10 Things That Set Us Apart

  • We absolutely love what we do!
  • We use ethical “White Hat” SEO techniques that abide by the policies of the major search engines.We don’t build just the ‘easy’ links because Google always adjusts it’s algorithm and quality links act as a hedge against those changes. A strong, well rounded link profile is key to getting you top rankings and keeping you there over the long term.
  • Our professional on staff writers create superbly written & original content for your site.
  • We are locally owned & operated – that means no spammy links schemes & no outsourced work.
  • Our unique company design supports a diverse entrepreneurial group of skilled specialists.
  • Customer service & support that is second to none.We offer all of our packages with some level of social media marketing now because it is an absolute must for successful SEO.
  • Set Milestones – we actually work with you to set ranking goals and review to ensure we are on track.
  • Basecamp access – your team is provided with an online collaboration platform where you can track work done for your campaign.

[quote style=”1″]Are you looking for SEO in the Hamilton area? If so, you’ve come to the right spot. Here at Toronto SEO group we are staffed by local people experts in the field in content development, link building, web design and SEO strategy. We have been in the area since 2008 & I’ve personally been doing this since 2000 and some of my staff members almost as long. We love what we do. We have retail level offices at 945 Sheldon Court  in Burlington. We’re open 9 to 5. We’re pretty open and clear about what it is we do and our methods and how we do our SEO. So again, if you are willing to make a short trip across the bay into Burlington, please feel free drop by any time.   You can have a coffee with us and we can talk about your web site. Give you a free assessment and show these what we can do. Hopefully we will see soon. – -Mike Childs[/quote]

FYI – the work we do for SEO is 20% on site (first month on site changes) and 80% off site (link building).

Measuring Success

Our system follows a clearly defined, proven process of keyword focus and quality link development. We implement that process in an environment that is out of our control – the search engines. As Google says “no SEO can guarantee any position or ranking”. That said, we acknowledge that as a client you need to see tangible results oriented progress. To that end we will set out quarterly milestones in terms of marked ranking increases across the big 3 search engines – Bing – Yahoo – Google.

For traffic analysis we use Google Analytics to track visitor changes, interaction and engagement. You will receive weekly reports on how many visitors you received, where they came from, what words they used to find you and what actions they took on your site. Work and ranking reports are also provided for weekly review.
Located at the Southwestern tip of Lake Ontario, Hamilton Ontario Canada has a large and diverse business profile. Slowly shedding its image as a just a steel town Hamilton is home to a wide variety of different businesses. Bordered by Stoney Creek, Dundas & Ancaster, Hamilton Ontario is a becoming a sought after destination for business.
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Contact Toronto SEO today by phone at 1.844.990.6119, email or send us a request for quote to work with a better internet marketing company.

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