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They say that people never stop learning throughout their lives. Whether you’re 8 or 80, every day offers something new. Being an intern is no different, just when you think that you have it all figured out, there’s another factor implemented into the game. I can honestly say that having an internship opportunity has not only let me grow within my field, but also let me have an insight to what the “real world” actually looks like. A classroom can only offer so much, and might make your industry seem very black and white at first glance. However you quickly realize there’s so much more than what the textbooks explain, as you encounter new people, and situations.

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When it comes to SEO/SEM, I’ve learned that it’s a fast, and rather new industry that experiences a turn in tides almost every single day. That first time that you learn to optimize a site, and see it rank on Google you can’t help but smile. It feels as if you’ve just found a glitch in the matrix, as you dance with the ever changing algorithm. Don’t underestimate the behemoth of a search engine however, slip up too many times and BAM you’ll be on pg.7 of the SERPs. Think of Google as a cat, you try to pet them just the right amount.

For me personally, since starting here at Toronto SEO Group, I realized that the most important factors at an agency are not business related at all. It’s the intangible aspect of respecting human life, which reflects in the work. It could single-handedly be the most crucial facet of the office structure, yet it’s never really taught in programs. Having that simple conversation about how someones weekend was, or helping them go through a hard time, brings a very comfortable, and family based environment.

Now before I get too cliché, remember that you have to do what you love in life. It has to be at a point where you can actually go into work everyday with a smile on. Having that ability to go home knowing that through your studying, reading, practicing, watching, that today you’ve pushed a clients business, and have made their dreams come true. That ability to use your talent, and knowledge that you brought a small piece of satisfaction to the world is what it’s all about. Now if you can get paid to use that talent, I’d say you’re pretty darn close to having it made.

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By Kris Makuch | Intern At Large

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