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TSG Summer Internship – From Soomin’s Perspective

Hello, I’m Soomin, one of the summer SEO interns at Toronto SEO Group. It has been a couple of weeks here and wow, I can’t believe how much I’ve learned since I first started!

TSG works with various clients in the Greater Toronto Area and it has been an eye-opening experience to understand how each business operates with their own unique competitive advantage. Many of our clients are early stage small to medium-sized businesses, and working with them to develop their business has been just as exciting for us as it is for them. They require specific attention and detail that TSG provides.

SEO/Internet Marketing strategies and relevant content is crucial to develop online presence. Researching, developing content, and learning how to use SEO tools for WordPress, as well as organizer tools such as Basecamp, has been helpful to develop my skills in technology and communication. I am certain these skill sets will become very practical in my work for student clubs at Schulich School of Business, and in future jobs in business.

Other Valuable Lessons

Working at TSG, I came to understand how effective it has become to use technology and online media to engage with others. Though these tools can be used personally, I now appreciate the professional aspect in social media, among other channels. So many opportunities exist online (a secret: I found this internship through Twitter!) and I encourage others to prepare by building their personal brand, and seizing these opportunities as they become available.

As important as the work is, so is the team. Working with a passionate team and Mike, who makes time every day to help in my learning experience, has been amazing. I am always enthusiastic and excited to come into work when I know that I am equally giving and gaining value at TSG.

Overall, I couldn’t be happier about my work experience at TSG this past month, and I can’t wait to see what the remaining weeks will bring!

-Soomin Lee


We are sad to see one of our interns go, but it was an absolute pleasure working with her. Congratulations Melissa and we wish you luck on your new endeavour!

I meant to send this sooner but better late than never! I just wanted to thank you for the opportunity to intern at Toronto SEO Group. I had a blast and learned a lot even if it was short and sweet. It was great to meet you, Nicole, and Katelyn as well as the other interns. An opportunity like this is definitely a great way for college students/grads to get their foot in the door and get some real experience!

Thanks again and keep in touch!

-Melissa DiFranco


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