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There are critics of SEO that say it is dead. If that were the case, then the practice of on-page SEO marketing wouldn’t be so important. The fact is that it is more important than ever as search engines develop toward being able to pick up on the context of text rather than just the keywords contained within it. Keywords are still important and will probably remain so since they can be used as guides for keeping content on point. Nonetheless, this move away from a heavy reliance on keywords simply indicates SEO is evolving.

The Evolution of On-Page SEO Optimization

The belief that good SEO is heavily reliant on content is not so much the case anymore. While content is still king and always will be since it is the way in which information is relayed, it isn’t the only factor in on-site SEO that helps a website rank well. The following are good on-page tactics to use to create a perfectly optimized webpage:

  • The title tag should start with a keyword.
  • Modifiers like “best,” “review,” and “top 10” will help create long-tail versions of the keyword.
  • Your title should be wrapped in the <h1> tag.
  • URLs should be short and clean. For instance, is much cleaner than
  • Images and videos can entertain your visitors, so use them when and where you can.
  • Subheadings need to be wrapped in the <h2> tag.
  • Your main keyword should be used in the first 100 words.
  • The website’s design must be responsive, which means it should display well on any device.
  • Outbound links to reputable sites are great for helping Google figure out the topic of your page.
  • You want 2-3 internal links to be placed in every blog post.
  • Use synonyms for your main keyword.
  • Add alt attributes to your images to optimize them. Google doesn’t know what an image is if it doesn’t have something describing it, and it should contain your target keyword. Your image filenames should also contain your keyword.
  • Social sharing buttons will allow people to share content on social media, which can drive traffic. More traffic can increase conversions.
  • At one time, long content wasn’t welcome. Now, long content is very important because it can rank higher.

As you can see in this list, the keyword is certainly not obsolete, but it and the content aren’t the only focuses for good on-page SEO optimization.

SEO Is Very Much Alive

SEO and the on-page optimization services that come with it are very much alive. It is fair to say that it has been hiding in the shadow of evolution. Changes happen so quickly that it can be difficult to keep up, which is why it may only seem as if SEO is dying. By staying up on the latest algorithm changes instituted by search engines and how SEO practices evolve with them, it is easy to see how SEO is still very relevant and that it will be for a long time.


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