Chiropractor Marketing
The chiropractic / physiotherapy industry is competitive. Is your internet presence up to the task?

As the owner of a chiropractic clinic, you may face the same problem for your clinic as many other health care providers – though you are offering high-quality treatments, patients are simply not coming in through the door.

The reality is that in this digital age where people are spending an average of 8 hours per day in front of a computer, there is very little reason to resort to other resources to find solutions to their many problems, including a good chiropractor.

The Chiropractor & Physiotherapy Websites Solution

Highly resourceful search tools such as Google, Yahoo and Bing are now the primary resource people use to find businesses. This makes it necessary for your clinic to be accessible in the first search pages and to display a high-quality site, leaving a lasting impression on your potential client. To put it simply, this is exactly what we offer at our SEO Group. We offer the best chiropractic marketing solution for your business problems: organic optimization or SEO.

Health Professionals Website Optimization Strategy

SEO For Chiropractors & Physiotherapy Professionals
We optimize your physiotherapy or chiropractor sites to be found in search engines.

To bring visitors to your site, we will create various pages and optimize your titles, content, and images, putting together an attractive design and structure, as well as reliable content to earn viewers’ trust as a professional clinic. Our goal behind our work is to turn your leads into a greater client base.

An important part of chiropractor SEO, we increase your website’s relevance to popular search keywords, build on external links, and build on your social media pages to extend your reach. We also offer to have your clinic featured on pay-per-click listings to have your site featured more than once on the first pages of high-volume searches. A crucial and realistic optimization approach is in your local presence, which we can construct through Google Places and locally searched keywords.

“We have had 40 to 50 new patients in August so obviously we are very happy!”

Cassandra – Clinic Manager @ Nottinghill Family Wellness Centre

Strong Content Pages

Needless to say, content is one of the best representations of your services. We will create well-written and strongly optimized content, to match our targeted key words and convey your clinic’s work with the utmost professionalism and appeal.

Link Building

We offer strongly built links through blog posts, affiliated sites, Widgets, Press Release & Articles, directories, and social media to strengthen your chiropractic marketing strategy. In SEO, we constantly keep up-to-date with Google’s frequent changes to ensure your business remains a credible search result to remain featured at the front of Google search results. We use partial match signaling, domain quality and variation – more accurate indicators of quality business and websites, opposed to exact match linking in 2011/12.

Measurable Results

We offer an “unfair advantage” in a controllable environment that is seemingly out of your control, through Search Engine Optimization on Bing, Yahoo, and Google. Keep up with competing clinics by developing your online presence with us. Though we cannot guarantee specific positions or rankings, we ensure that you will see direct results over a reasonable period of time, and that your site will receive the attention and care it deserves. To remain transparent in our work, you will be given access to our online tracking suite that covers all online activity and search rank of your site in real-time.

As a passionate team of experienced professionals in Internet Marketing, we promise to deliver results that make a significant difference in your chiropractic business, and to preserve your site’s new rankings and traffic. We have significant experience in marketing strategy, WordPress development, video development, and social networking strategy. We are available and willing to meet with you as much as necessary to meet your needs.

As a chiropractic or physiotherapy clinic, you will find your business solutions with a clear online presence and a trusted professional brand.

Contact us today at 1.844.990.6119 for a free consultation for your chiropractic Internet marketing needs.


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