It’s a question we get asked a lot – “How do I SEO & post my own WordPress blogs or pages?”

1.      Go to the log in page & Login

2.     After log in, you will arrive at the WordPress Dashboard.

3.     Then you will want to select Posts in the tool bar on the side

This will take you to the blog portion of your site.

4.     To add a new blog post select: Add New


Start adding your content beginning with the title of the blog followed by the body. The tool bar will help you style the blog post.

Side Note: It’s best to add appropriate outbound links and links back to the homepage in the body of the blog.

5.     Select the corresponding category at the side, if there are categories.

6.     Underneath categories there is a box called Tags. Fill the bar with a few tags relevant to the website and the blog post. For example: plastic surgeon, cosmetic surgeon Burlington. Separate each tag with a comma.

7.     The next step is to optimize the blog post. You will do this through the SEO plug in by Yoast which is located underneath the body of the blog.

Please visit: how to optimize blog posts or ask someone for help.

8.     Once you’ve fully optimized your blog post and you have the green light. You can select Publish to post the blog and then you can select Preview, which will open up a secondary window in order for you to see what the blog post looks like on the website.

9.     Your blog is now SEO’d & published!

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