In terms of the SEO the one point to remember is that it works backwards to a normal advertising medium.

If you pay for a radio add and the add plays today you will get calls today but as soon as your ads stop playing the phone stops ringing.Pay Per Click Advertising vs Search Engine Optimzation

With SEO you pay now and we work now for results that start to happen after time and continue long after the campaign is done.

SEO is an investment with lasting value. Below is a pros & cons list I use for clients:

SEO – the pros

• long term results (benefits remain after the campaign is over)
• High ROI
• In most of the cases, a proper SEO campaign comes with much lower costs than a PPC campaign
• can be very lucrative if done correctly

SEO – the cons

• is a long term process and you only get middle to long time results
• it’s a complicated process involving hundreds of factors
• in most cases, can’t guarantee exact results (like first position for a keyword)

PPC – the pros

• can guarantee exact results (first position for a keyword, with a proper budget)
• you only pay when a visitor comes to the site
• you don’t have to modify the code of the site
• you can target many keywords and people from different geographical regions
• offers you immediate results and immediate visitors

PPC – the cons

• setting and managing campaigns is kind of tricky. Should only be done by professional
• it’s pricey
• can be frauded
• can be affected by visitors add blinding (people generally prefer natural search results over the paid ones, which they tend to ignore)

Both have a place in well designed overall marketing  strategy.  Talk to us about when and how they should be part of your internet marketing mix.


4 Responses to “SEO vs PPC”

  1. I could not agree more, and that is what most people are missing when it comes to PPC vs the SEO Debate. As soon as your turn of your PPC campaign, your leads are gone, your clicks are down and you’re not bringing in the same volume of sales as you were the day before. So essentially, the budget runs out – and with it, the sales do as well.

    Seo is a long term strategy, where you can reap the rewards for a long time to come, and not just that day on on that days budget.

  2. werner from elevatemarketing.co.za

    Excellent information and as you have proven here your efforts should always be focussed on seo for long term sustainable results.

  3. I also feel that exporting your PPC Data into SEO Strategy can help produce massive results. If an Ad was having a CTR of 25%, you may want to export its Title, Destination URL and Description to be your Page Title, META Description and URL respectively. This will produce an organic snippet that looks exactly like your Ad. This means high CTR and conversions.


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