Effective, accurate keyword research and targeting is the cornerstone of every digital marketing strategy. Keywords can make or break your SEO strategy, your PPC campaigns, and your local search marketing efforts. And ranking for the right keywords in search engine results pages is vital to generating traffic and capturing and converting the traffic. The bottom line? When it comes to keyword strategy, your company simply can’t afford to make any mistakes.

When well-executed, keyword research is hands down one of the most valuable marketing activities, offering an incredibly high return on investment. That is where the Toronto SEO Group comes in. The secret to the Toronto SEO Group’s effective keyword research and targeting methods is a careful blend of high-tech analysis and creativity, as well as a nuanced understanding of your target audience. Our experts will help you identify the right keywords to attract the right consumers, improving the success of your overall digital marketing efforts and SEO strategy.

The Anatomy of a Keyword

Clients often ask us, “What makes some keywords more effective than others?” Well, it all boils down to user interest and user intent. Essentially, the right keywords will help you to better engage with your target audience by signaling to your target consumers that content on your site’s webpages meets their needs. In other words, it signals to your target consumers that they will find value on your website. This works to generate more traffic, increase time-on-page, and improve conversion rates.

How does the Toronto SEO Group craft keywords and keyword phrases that are destined for success? In creating the perfect keyword, our experts consider the following:

  • Brand Terms: Brand terms are related to your brand. Examples might include the name of your company of organization. Branded terms tend to be most useful when trying to attract the attention of those already familiar with your brand and, therefore, are especially advantageous when companies are working to improve lackluster conversion rate metrics.
  • Product Terms: Product terms reflect what your product does or the specific problem it solves. In addition, the Toronto SEO Group will also consider complimentary product terms, which refer to products that somehow compliment or coincide with your brand’s products.
  • Audience Terms: These reflect specific terms your audience is likely to search for in relation to your product or your brand. Audience terms are very important, as they specifically work to align your content to the needs and interests of your target audience.

Leveraging Search Power: Long-Tail vs. Short-Tail Searches

The experts at the Toronto SEO Group analyze both long-tail and short-tail searches to identify the keywords and keyword phrases that are most relevant to your brand. What’s the difference between the two? Short-tail searches are essentially search queries that consist of just one keyword or a short keyword phrase (typically no more than three or four words). By contrast, long-tail searches correspond to natural language queries. These are the hundreds of thousands of unique searches that include many different unique combinations of many different words. That means that while many different users will generate the same short-tail search, identical long-tail searches are much less common — they might only occur a handful of times each day. It is no secret that it is much harder to effectively target long-tail searches. However, they do constitute close to seven out of ten searches, which means they are crucial. Luckily, the SEO experts at Toronto SEO Group have experience analyzing long-tail search data and identifying the right keywords and keyword phrases.

Improving Content Marketing Efforts and Unleashing the Potential of Digital Marketing

Effective keyword research and keyword targeting don’t just matter for SEO. Keywords are also a foundational element of effective content marketing. Remember: Keyword targeting isn’t just about getting visitors to your site. It is about getting the right visitors to your site — the ones that will make purchases. The savvy content marketing experts at the Toronto SEO Group know how to effectively integrate the right keywords into your brand’s content, signaling to consumers that the content is relevant to their needs, wants, and interests. This helps your brand curate an online image that your target consumers will be able to identify with.

Let the experienced professionals at the Toronto SEO Group develop and implement your brand’s keyword research and targeting strategy. With a complete competitive assessment, industry-leading analysis tools, and a firm commitment to your brand’s digital marketing success, you can’t go wrong with the experts at the Toronto SEO Group. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can put our keyword expertise to use for your brand.