Get More of the High-Quality Links You Need

When it comes to successful link building, quality is as much a part of the equation as quantity. At the Toronto SEO Group, we will work to get your website the links it needs so that you can improve your online visibility, enhance your SEO strategy, and curate a better brand image. We will put in the time and effort it takes to successfully go after the high-quality, reputable links. When building link profiles for your website, our experts consider the following:

  • Site Reputation: The better the site reputation, the more weight given to the link. The Toronto SEO Group has the experience, resources, and expertise to acquire your company links on high-quality websites, or websites with excellent reputations. Remember, if you are consistently getting large volumes of links from low-quality websites, it will work to your disadvantage.
  • Content Relevancy: Search engines consider how relevant the content on the source page (the site hosting the link) is to the target page (the site to which the link directs). For example, if your company sells children’s strollers, it is far more advantageous to have links on source pages pertaining to parenting (such as a parenting advice blog, a parenting magazine’s website, etc.) than it would be to have links on a travel agency website or a fashion blog. At the Toronto SEO Group, our targeted link building strategies ensure that you get high-quality links on sites with content that is relevant to your target industry or niche.
  • Link Placement: Links placed “inside” unique content are more highly valued than those placed in footers or sidebars are. The Toronto SEO Group will work to optimize the placement of links on other websites, working to ensure that links are placed in prime page real estate.
  • Quantity of Outgoing Links on the Source Page: Link farms are basically websites with hundreds of outgoing links to other pages. While it is easy to score these kinds of low-quality links, they can actually do damage to your SEO strategy as you run the risk of being slapped with a Google penalty, especially in the post-Penguin world. The Toronto SEO Group can help you avoid these low-quality linking opportunities in lieu of higher-quality links on prominent, reputable sites within your industry or niche. These sites are much more selective about posting outgoing links, so they are worth much more.
  • Anchor Text: Anchor text is the text or link that is displayed in association with a link to another website or webpage. Anchor text targeted with a keyword can be a huge boost to your company’s SEO strategy. However, text that is over-optimized can actually incur a penalty. The experts at the Toronto SEO Group know exactly how to leverage the power of anchor text to improve your rankings without running the risk of a penalty.

The Toronto SEO Group: The Key to Link Building in a Post-Penguin World

There is no denying it: Google’s Penguin update has made link building a much more difficult (and risky) task. The update dramatically affected link building by cracking down on sites with low-quality or unnatural link profiles in order to fight spam. Subsequently, websites deemed to have numerous inbound links with identical anchor text, comment spam, guest posts on link farms or disreputable sites, and links from sites deemed dangerous (sites flagged for malware, numerous pop-ups, or other spam) are penalized at much higher rates than before. And these penalties are severe. Penalized sites often lose up to 60 percent of traffic, which can seriously cut into a company’s revenue.

The bottom line is that no company can afford to make even a small link building mistake in the post-Penguin world. Just one bad backlink could land you in some serious hot water, resulting in lost traffic and lost revenue. The link building experts at the Toronto SEO Group understand the complexities and nuances of link building in the post-Penguin world, so you will never again have to stress about the possibility of a penalty wreaking havoc on your business. Our experts are here to worry about Google’s constantly changing rules and regulations so that you don’t have to.

Building Diverse and Robust Link Profiles with White-Hat Techniques

The Toronto SEO Group is committed to building diverse and robust link profiles for clients. Using exclusively white-hat techniques, we are able to help your company accrue links from a diverse range of link domains. From guest posts to authoritative guides to industry spotlights and interviews, we know what content to produce and where to send it to get you the links you need to succeed. Give us a call today to see how the Toronto SEO Group can help you earn better, higher-quality links in no time at all!