Identifying your return on investment is one of the most critical parts of your digital marketing strategy. When it comes to Search Engine Optimization, envisioning the tangible results can be difficult. That’s why we have created a great way to do so.

Here's Why Our Clients Love Our Portal

We use this information to work with you to improve your program on an ongoing basis. SEO is powerful and working with our clients is the best way to ensure our work matches with your goals.

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Why MacRAE'S

MacRAE’S understands that being transparent is the best way to build trust. We act as a segment of your marketing team and part of that is giving you reports that make it easy to see your ROI.

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"56% of businesses rely exclusively on Google for web analytics: report"(source)

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The Toronto SEO Group Commitment: 100% Transparency, 100% of the Time

The Toronto SEO Group firmly believes that each and every client should always fully understand where their company’s marketing dollars are going — as well as the results they are producing. That is why the Toronto SEO Group offers clients access to all relevant analytics. You can clearly see where your investment is going, and the results it is producing. The Toronto SEO Group is in the business of hard data, numbers, and facts — not guesswork. We provide all clients with access to a convenient, easy-to-use portal that clearly showcases all relevant analytics in one place, including the software needed to track website activity. Our experts will track all of your analytics using reporting tools to ensure your digital marketing campaigns’ continued success.

A Convenient, Easy-to-Use Portal

The Toronto SEO Group is committed to measuring and tracking the ROI of every single digital marketing campaign. We fully understand that you want — and need — our investment to produce clear results. But if you aren’t an analytics expert, it can be confusing knowing what to track and how exactly to track it. That is why we have developed our analytics portal. You will clearly be able to visualize relevant analytics, including traffic numbers, visitor stats, ranking comparisons, and conversion information, as well as more complex analytics, like click tracking, mouse tracking, usability testing, surveys, A/B tests, call tracking, and more.

To ensure that you are able to make the most of this portal, we offer complete setup, training, and troubleshooting. Our experts will train staff and personnel at your company so you can fully read and understand all results and reports. At the Toronto SEO Group, we believe that clients should always be fully involved in the creation of digital marketing campaigns. So that you can fully participate in key decision-making processes, access to analytics is key. We don’t just work for you. We work with you.

Key analytics in our comprehensive analytics portal include the following:

    • Traffic: Traffic is a basic analytic that indicates the number of people that have visited a website or webpage. The more traffic your website receives, the better, as it translates into increased brand visibility and more sales.
    • Time on Page: Time on page refers to the amount of time that a user spends on a given webpage. If you have a lot of traffic but average time on page is low, it isn’t a good sign, as it means that while you are successfully attracting users to your site, once they get there they aren’t actually consuming your content. Higher time on page rates are associated with much better engagement rates and conversion rates, so this metric is key.
    • Bounce rate: Bounce rate is the proportion of users who leave your site immediately after visiting it (they click into your site and then “bounce” right back out again). For example, if many users click on your website in search engine results pages but then leave immediately after getting there, you will have a high bounce rate. This isn’t good, as a high bounce rate is an indication that users aren’t engaged with or interested in the content on your website.
    • Pages per Visit: Pages per visit indicates how webpages the average user on your site visits after entering your site. The higher this metric, the better, as it shows how tailored your site is to its target audience.
    • Conversion: Conversion is getting a visitor to complete a desired action, such as signing up for an email mailing list, clicking on a link, visiting a specific page, or making a purchase. In the analytics portal, you will be able to track the conversion rates for a variety of desired actions so you can clearly see what visitors are doing once they get to your site.
Custom Analysis & Reporting

All Toronto SEO Group programs are goal-oriented. Prior to implementation, our team will establish benchmarks, metrics, and targets. This ensures that progress can be easily tracked and measured. You will also be able to see how specific programs and solutions are performing so you can easily track your ROI through customized analysis and reporting. If something isn’t working, our experts will make the appropriate adjustments to ensure you are only spending money on strategies and solutions that are putting your company on the track to digital marketing success.

Reports & Goal Tracking for Sustained Success

We’re committed to 100 percent transparency 100 percent of the time. As part of that commitment, the Toronto SEO Group offers regular reporting and goal tracking. We track indicators that are aligned with your business goals so you can see how your strategies, solutions, and programs are performing. We will work to produce comprehensive reports, improve business insights, and refine recommendations for future strategies and solutions for sustained success in the future.