Social Media Strategies

To get the most exposure for your online business, a reputable internet marketing company in Toronto can implement multiple social media strategies. Before determining the strategies to utilize, the social media agency will assess your site. Then, the experts devise an appropriate social media strategy plan. Due to the complexity and sophistication of today’s social media, it is important for you to rely on a reputable SEO company in Toronto.

Following are a few examples of top strategies:

  • Enhance Online Presence – Now that Facebook has reached maturity, it is the most dominant of all networks, with Twitter following close behind. Every day, more than 750 million active users log onto Facebook. Therefore, a marketing expert will take full advantage of both social media sites to improve your online visibility. At the same time, the expert will consider some of the up-and-coming social media platforms to ensure you get the best coverage possible.
  • Tailored Content – Make sure that you post unique content for each of the different social media sites as opposed to using the same content for all of them.
  • Be a Storyteller – To engage with your customers, be a storyteller. With today’s fierce competition, you cannot sell your product or service. Instead, you need to tell a story about it, one that people find interesting but also useful for solving a problem.
  • Photos, Graphics, and Video Content – Posting photographs, graphics, and video content will also help maximize your online presence. Be careful not to overload your social media pages, or they could cause browsers to load slowly. At the same time, offer high-quality photographs, graphics, and video content that people want.
  • Promotional Efforts – You will see a jump in your online visibility by conducting contests and various promotional activities. In fact, of all strategies used for social media, this one tends to be among the most effective. Ultimately, this encourages people to visit your site in anticipation of winning something.
  • Hand Out Freebies – Whether as a downloadable e-book, a product sample, or a 30-minute consultation, everyone loves to receive something for free. In addition to maximizing your exposure, this gives you the chance to gather contact information for leads.

At the Toronto SEO Group, our experts use these and other social media strategies to increase the visibility of our customers’ websites. Please visit our website to see the full line of available services or give us a call today.

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