Soomin Lee

Soomin Lee came to us an SEO intern but by the time she left she was a valuable, needed team member.  During her time with us she contributed valuable high level assessments of running campaigns, optimized client websites, created compelling content and communicated skillfully with our clients.  We did teach Soomin about SEO, Paid Search, Social marketing and how inbound marketing is changing the business landscape forever.  What Soomin brought to the table, though, was a valuable teaching moment for us too.  Quiet dedication, accurate timely project completion and our peace of mind that she understood how we wanted to be represented to our clients are the hallmarks of Soomin’s skillset.  I would go far as to say Soomin’s ability to find common ground was solely responsible for fixing a client relationship that was on the rocks.  Without her good sense to spend touch time with this client and bring them back to us we may have lost them and a sizeable chunk of revenue.

I would recommend Soomin Lee without hesitation and she has an open chair here waiting.  All the best from the team at Toronto SEO Group!




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