A Complementary Tandem

If you have ever watched any road rally competition the world over, you will see that there is one consistent element that is inescapable. If you have any chance for success, an
exceptional driver, and a knowledgeable navigator are required. If either is not present or intuitively connected to the other, it could spell disaster. The driver has the know how and skills to execute the plan, but without the navigator inputting the relevant destination information – the tires will spin. Believe it or not, your digital marketing endeavours can be affected in much the same way.

Your Digital Marketing plan requires a DRIVER, but they need a NAVIGATOR.

How is your company actually viewed online? I am not referring to the actual metrics and analytics of how many views, visits, and impressions your website receives; this question refers to how the intended consumers interpret your brand. What do they see? What feeling does it evoke? Is this what was intended when those meetings were had, the site was built, the tag lines and copy were created? Many times companies will lose focus on the consumer in a mad-dash effort to get the marketing material built and disseminated in short order. It is a common pitfall that many business owners and company marketing teams find themselves in, after they have invested thousands in misaligned digital marketing plans.


The need for speed

Navigator – You’re the Visionary

You have one critical role in the development of your digital marketing plan; and that is – to create the meaning and substance of your company’s vision. The facilitation will come second to this, and will be far less critical if the ‘vision’ itself is opaque or misconstrued in delivery. Let’s be honest, if you have a destination in mind and no directions as to how you may get there, the car or driver is completely meaningless. As simple as this metaphor is, it serves a distinct purpose. Below are very specific digital marketing tools and their respective handlers.

1. Brand Platform – (Navigator: Your Company)

This encompasses all descriptions of your product/service and its relevance to the consumer. The vision for your brand should remain in-house.

2. Content Consistency – (Navigator: Your Company)

Every graphic or written word needs to be completely congruent with the ideals your company is attempting to espouse. Any deviation in material will instantly draw the consumer’s attention in a different direction.

3. Content Platforms – (Driver: Your Digital Marketer)

This refers to where the company’s ad material and information will be dispersed and connected. This placement still needs to be aligned with the company vision, but the strategy behind this portion should be in the hands of your selected driver.

Driver – The Facilitator

The facilitator is the conduit that will take the vision for your brand and create the accompanying to-market strategy of how and where it will be relayed to the consumer marketplace. Be aware that this company is your driver, and you still control the end material being viewed by your intended consumer. As a cautionary note, be sure not to haphazardly grab the wheel in an attempt to deviate the course. Backseat drivers can be extremely detrimental.

Know The Destination – Let Them Drive

Your job here is very simple – know where you’re trying to go. When I say ‘know’ the destination; that means a clearly defined end goal for the campaign. Deciding you want more clients and revenue is like NASA saying the purpose of their next mission is going to ‘space’. With a clearly understood destination and goal, your driver can determine the best roadmap for execution. An educated driver and navigator will guarantee an ongoing rallying for new business and consistent ROI.

Digital Success

Know your business goals. Let them drive. – But don’t forget to Navigate,

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