Syndicated Content

For marketers who are struggling to constantly find new material to post, content syndication can be a tremendous timesaver. It can also be beneficial for filling in gaps where in-house expertise may be lacking. When performed correctly, it can also provide your target audience with valuable, high-quality content. With content creation, you can also offer your own original content for syndication purposes, taking advantage of the opportunity for exposure to audiences you might otherwise never reach. Despite the many advantages offered by syndicated content, it can still be somewhat of a controversial topic, so it’s important to know when and how to use it properly.

First, it should be understood that content syndication and guest posting are not the same thing. Guest posting refers to the creation of content specifically for a third-party website. In the case of guest posting, content is never published on more than one site. This means that the content created for guest posting is never published on your own site. Syndication refers to the granting of permission for content that has been previously posted to be published by other parties.

Syndicated content should be used carefully and with precision. One of the most common reasons for syndicating content is to distribute original content to new networks, channels, and websites, thus increasing your brand awareness and reach. Syndicating your own content can also help you become a thought leader in your field. If you elect to use syndicated content, you might choose to do so in order to fill content gaps, such as when you are stretched too thin to perform your own research. You might also choose to use syndicated content to diversify your own content with consultation with an SEO agency while providing your audience with more engaging content.

If you do choose to syndicate your content or use syndicated content, it’s important to know how to do so safely. When using syndicated content, you should always make sure you have permission from the original creator of the content and provide an attribution link. Note that it is not enough to provide an attribution link if you do not have prior authorization to use the content. In syndicating your own content, carefully consider how much of your content you would like to syndicate and ensure that permission only is granted with an attribution that includes a link back to your own website.


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