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At Toronto SEO Group, we are committed to providing truly excellent customer service. Our team of developers, strategists, and creative professionals is committed to providing you with great marketing. The Toronto SEO Group process starts with a consolation to review your current online marketing strategy. Our team will work to figure out what is working about your current strategy, and what isn’t. From there, we will use our creative expertise and marketing experience to develop an individualized plan to improve your brand image and enhance your online visibility.

Hugh Owen

Founder & President

Pet's Name: Billy the Budgie -- RIP

Pet Peeve: Younger brothers who accidentally kill your pet Budgie (see previous question)

Favorite Food: Club Sandwich - mayo on the side


Peggy Owen

Content & Partner Manager

Favorite Food: Anything but organ meat

My Kryptonite: Potato chips

Favorite Cartoon Character: Spongebob


Lori Meloche

VP, Marketing

My Sports Teams: TFC, Crazy I know, but The Leafs

My Kryptonite: Chocolate

Website You Visit the Most: Google


Karen Lozada

Dir. Sales & Customer Support

Favorite Cartoon Character: Lisa Simpson

Last Vacation Spot: Vegas

Favorite Movie: Good Will Hunting


Alex Kundzich

Director, IT

Favorite Coffee: Arabica

Pet's Name: Tim

Website You Visit the Most:


Tracy Henry


Pet's Name: Fluffy

How I spend my weekends: As a chauffer for my children

Last Vacation Spot: Jamaica


Shivender Bedi

Digital Account Manager

Favorite Cartoon Character: Tom & Jerry

I will never be seen without my: Wallet & Mobile

Favorite Movie: X-Men Series

Shivender Bedi - Toronto SEO Group