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Many organizations find that when it comes to SEO and digital marketing, funds and time are limited. They might wonder if they really need both technical SEO and content marketing to maximize visibility and drive traffic. The answer to this is a resounding yes. Technical SEO and content marketing are both key components of an overarching digital marketing strategy. Here, we’ll take an in-depth look at each.

Technical SEO: A Foundational Element You Can’t Afford to Lose

You simply can’t afford to do without technical SEO. Technical SEO basically sets up your website for search engine success. This includes strategies like link building, keyword optimization, good navigation, optimizing your robots.txt, etc. This helps to optimize user experience when you do get people on your site, ensuring that you aren’t losing traffic because of poor design. A sound foundation of technical SEO also will help to ensure that your site isn’t penalized by a search engine for breaching rules or guidelines—which would put a major dent in your traffic—so it is well worth seeking out the professional help of an SEO agency or B2B SEO agency if you find yourself struggling. But it is critical to note that while technical SEO is important, it isn’t going to necessarily drive hoards of traffic to your site. That’s where a content promotion strategy comes into play.

Content Marketing: Why You Need a Content Promotion Strategy

While a technically optimized website is without a doubt advantageous, the harsh reality is that in today’s world, you need a content marketing strategy to garner the visibility and traffic you need to succeed. Technical SEO on its own simply isn’t enough. In order to draw traffic to your site, you need a content marketing and content promotion strategy in place, meaning you need to develop high-quality, compelling content that is specifically tailored to the wants, needs, and preferences of your target audience and then promote that content across the appropriate channels. Furthermore, content marketing is especially key when it comes to boosting your click-through rates, cultivating a presence on social media, and fetch high-value link-backs.

In conclusion, you should never sacrifice technical SEO to put more dollars towards content marketing or vice-versa. Both technical SEO and content marketing are key to successfully ensuring your brand’s visibility in today’s hyper-competitive world. Your best bet is to work with a B2B SEO agency or content marketing company  for a plan that incorporates both of these things into your overall marketing strategy.

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