SEO Friendly Website Designing

When you design your website, one thing you need to keep somewhere in the back of your mind, is SEO. It may not be obvious to the beginner web designer or DIY web designer, but your design choices can help or hinder your site’s search engine performance.

Web Design With SEO in Mind

If you got to read our other article, Critical Things Web Developers Should Know About SEO for Creating a Winning Website, you might be thinking, what does web design have to do with SEO? And we have to say, a great deal!

It is not about information architecture or code, of course, but does concern visual elements that, as we said above, have the power to help or hinder your site’s SEO. Here is a list of SEO friendly website design tips from your friendly Toronto website design firm. Enjoy!

Use Quality Images

Put them on the main page and subpages. Images not only increase the experience for visitors, but actually get indexed by the search engine, adding to your page’s ranking. Don’t stuff it, as image clutter might actually have the reverse effect, but the right amount of pictures will definitely serve you well. Did we say quality? Right. The higher quality, the better. And yes, Google can tell the difference.

Integrate Keywords in Your Content

The content should be interesting, readable and relevant to the user, but if you want it to promote your search engine ranking, you need to integrate keywords into the text. Keywords, or key phrases, are the backbone of any and every SEO campaign, whether organic on-page SEO, blogging or PPC. A webpage that does not make use of this is losing a great deal of search engine potential.

Make the Website Structured and Logical

The amount of text, its division into sections and columns, font size, readability, clutter level and other similar considerations are important. Google tries to link users to websites that offer a positive, informative and pleasant experience. In order to rank high, you need your website to do just that.

Avoid Page Frames Like the Plague

Convenient and somewhat visually pleasing, frames make it next to impossible for crawlers to index the site. Many beginner web designers don’t know this is nothing but SEO friendly website design and fall into the trap.

Flush the Flash

No, really. While flash has more than a few benefits, it also weighs like a stone on your website’s search engine ranking. Avoid using it on your site unless you really, really need to. If you are running flash on your website and don’t believe us, just cut off some of it and see if your website doesn’t rapidly move up the ranking ladder.

We hope this helps you get a cool-looking SEO friendly website. And if you are interested to see your website to be done by a well-established Toronto website design firm, all you need to do is contact us!

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