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If you’d read this blog section before, you probably know that while posting to business directories remains a White Hat SEO practice, it is not really efficient as it used to be for ranking and link-building purposes.

There is still some link juice to be harvested here, however, if you know which directories to focus on.

After all, the main problem with business directories is not even that most of them don’t work. The real problem is that there are so many. Finding out which work and which are a waste of time using good old trial-and-error, is… well, a waste of time.

And this is where we come in.

As your Toronto SEO services experts, we have gone to the trouble of saving your time by giving you this list of top Canadian business directories that will boost your local search results. Here we go!

Google Canada

First on the list is, of course, the big One itself. Having a listing in this database will quite literally put you on the map, with a little red marker with your name on it. It costs nothing, easy to obtain, will make you searchable, and increase your website’s ranking in plain old searches as well. Did we mention it’s free?

The Canadian Business Directory

Plain, simple and down-to-business with no unnecessary frill and fanfare, this modest resource has its own considerable amount of user traffic. Hard to tell how much value it brings to searches, but it does drive direct traffic from users searching there, making it well worth your time to post a listing.

Bing Canada

Another big name with lots of traffic and the bonus of boosting your Bing search ratings, it also includes Yahoo and Nokia Prime Places in one neat little package.

Macrae’s Blue Book

A strong Local business directory with a wide audience all over North America is also very much worth mentioning. It’s been around for a good long time and has a good reputation for bringing business.

CTI or the Canadian Trade Index

A highly reputable local business directory best for trades, renovations, manufacturers and builders. It is well known in Canada, and Ontario and many companies successfully find business there.

Yelp Canada

Yelp holds the title of the most popular review site in the US and is nearing the same status here in Canada. Yelp users have been recorded to spend over a 100 dollars on their first visit to a business found on the resource. Not bad for a start. Add to that the built-in capabilities, such as communicating with your customers directly, adding photos and business info, tracking user activity, and you end up with a must-have business directory listing.

FourSquare Canada

Being, as it happens, a geo-trained smartphone app that allows users to check-in and write a recommendation or tip, FourSquare is another must-have Ontario business directory. Allowing the check-ins to be shared on Facebook, Twitter and other platforms makes it a super-powerful reputation and local SEO booster.

Profile Canada

Last but not least, this link is definitely worth having a look at. Profile Canada casts a wide net and lists restaurants, financial service firms, and more, allowing the user to narrow his or her search to the specific province and specific regions in it.

We sincerely hope this helps! If you want to know more or wish to get expert help with your local Ontario search marketing campaign, contact us directly and we’ll make sure to put your business on the map.

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