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While most people know that services for SEO in Toronto are essential, some get caught up in myths that lead to confusion. According to the top Toronto SEO experts, there are several myths for 2017 that you need to ignore. The list has now grown so long that to avoid making costly mistakes, you should rely on one of the best SEO companies in Toronto to get ahead of the competition.

  • Excellent Content Is More Important Than SEO – Although original, engaging, and useful information is critical to your online success, so is SEO. Without proper optimization, you will have a hard time getting people to find your site. While some websites drive traffic primarily using PPC, display ads on other sites, and paid Facebook ads, the majority depend heavily on SEO. The fact is that the highest-ranking pages in Google have excellent content, but they are also properly optimized using a variety of techniques.
  • Content Needs Exact Matching Keywords – At one time, websites did need keywords to match exactly, but today, things are different. Due to technical advances, search engines now have an easier time understanding content as well as its relevance. For that reason, matching keywords are no longer required. Therefore, you can write blogs and landing pages in a natural tone, giving users an enhanced experience.
  • Meta Descriptions Depend on SEO – There was a time when meta descriptions played a significant role in how well a website ranked, making it essential for people to optimize these snippets of text. Today, unless you create a meta description, one is automatically generated for you by Google. For customization, one of the best Toronto SEO experts will use a plugin that improves search results.
  • For SEO, Keyword Optimization Is the Most Critical – Again, this was true at one time but not today. For years, people loaded blogs, articles, and landing pages with keywords. While this helped boost site ranking, it made content difficult to read and digest. Google’s algorithm now prefers natural speech, which typically means a keyword density of no more than 1.5 percent, sometimes less.
  • Link Building Is No Longer Necessary – Link building is also different now. In reality, link building is critical for SEO since it plays a significant role in how Google decides which sites should appear on the coveted first page of results.

Instead of focusing on myths, our experts at The Toronto SEO Group utilize real strategies that get the results that you deserve. You can visit us online or call to get more information about our services.

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