SEO services in Toronto

The world is rapidly becoming a global village. This is an amazing thing for global businesses, huge retailers and even small-scale operations which market their products worldwide.

But what if you need to reach a very specific audience in a specific region?

The answer is that not only that you can, but it’s also strongly advised for large, non-local businesses as well. The power to target a specific area results in better client response, higher conversion rates and generally more involvement.

Most people search locally before they look anywhere else. Our sense of community is a strong part of our behavioural mode as customers. Over 70% of all online activity is locally centered, with more business searches happening on Google Maps than on a regular Google search.

So how do you improve your Toronto local search marketing strategy and generate higher revenues from your website?

Our local Toronto SEO services team has put together this brief guide that you can follow to increase your local search marketing results significantly. It will take some work, but it’s not nuclear physics – and here it is!

The Guide For Better Local SEO Results

Outline Local Search Terms. This includes region-specific keywords (in our case it’s Toronto, the GTA, and Ontario), search themes and the words used for them, all the way down to slang words that you only encounter in a certain locale. For example, American English and Canadian English are different in subtle but significant ways. Optimizing a page for Canada, you need to use Canadian spelling and Canadian phrases. To do a thorough research for all of these nuances, AdWords is the best go-to tool to start with.

Optimize Existing Pages. Put the geo-targeted keywords in your URLs, Titles, Descriptions, Image Alt Tags, Headers and pretty much everywhere they can be added. If your web page has “London, Ontario” written in bold letters all over it, on the sidelines, and between the lines, the search engine will know what to do. Notice the addition of the Province. London is a city not only in Ontario. Make sure you are specific enough not to have your website show up in searches in the UK. That’s on the wrong continent.

Localize the Site’s Content. If you have a large business with many branches/franchises operating in different parts of the country, or the world, running multiple sites with local domains and highly localized content is the best way to reach local customers. If you wish to reach specific regions using one site only, you can do that by creating multiple pages for the same service or product, each dedicated to a specific place. This way local search marketing in Ontario can be split into a page for local search marketing in Toronto, another for Mississauga, yet another for North York, and so on. Make sure each page exhibits unique, fresh copy to avoid penalties and of course, optimize all of it’s HTML elements accordingly.

Mobile Optimization. Mobile searches are over 85% of the total, and most of them are highly-local, happening in Google Maps or just localized by the search engine. The almost pin-point precision is allowed by GPS Location Services built into every phone. Most tablets also have this feature, even if they only run on WiFi. Not tapping into this powerful stream of customers will leave a business far behind the competition. Optimizing for mobile is now the first thing a website needs to do. In fact, most web developers build a website following mobile-first principle, and for very good reasons.

Good luck! And of course, if you decide to consult a company with amazing credentials for local SEO services in Toronto, we are at your service.

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