Here at Toronto SEO Group, we are always looking for ways to personalize our office space, and recently, we asked Natik Painting to help us out with a pretty big project, and they definitely stepped up to the plate for us, and we are very impressed with and grateful for their work.

Toronto SEO Group

We wanted to do something to represent our brand, and also give clients a sense of who we are and what we do, even before they walk in the door. Our brand is very important to us, and Natik Painting understood that and helped us to represent our brand visually. Our staircase is now a colourful “tasting menu” of SEO and social networking services we offer to clients, and a mural of our logo to welcome people into our office!

Toronto SEO Group Office

Natik Painting was awesome to work with – we brought them an idea, and they beautifully rendered the idea into a reality. We knew we wanted to create a design incorporating social networks and search engines, and we couldn’t be more happy with what they created for us – we brought them a design incorporating tags with relevant icons and they transformed it into something even better than we imagined. We are very thankful to Natik Painting for their hard work and eye for design!

Hand Painted Social Icons

Natik Painting are incredibly talented people, we cannot possibly recommend them to you enough. Not only do they do incredible artwork, they also have over 30 years of expertise to ensure your satisfaction every time. They know you are on a budget, so they have cut out the middleman – which means less overhead for them, and more savings for you. Contact Natik Painting for a free quotation and see how they can help you design the perfect space.

Toronto SEO group Is Social    Gets A Fresh Coat Of Paint

Come visit us at our office anytime and see the awesome work for yourself!

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