Hi Debbie,

The Ranking & Traffic reports for your dental website are attached.

Some key take aways:

1.  Your overall traffic is up 46% month over month.  Your organic traffic is up 28% with a 35% increase in the number of new visitors to the site.

2.  The keyword spread – the number of organic keywords used to find the website has increased to 480.

3.  Referrals from social and your link partners are up nearly 56%

4.  Rankings are increasing strongly now where they were previously lagging.

* A note on ranking – Google uses the relevance, quality and authority of the links pointing to your website from other websites as an indicator of where your site should rank for particular phrases.  For years SEO companies having been exploiting holes in Google’s algorithm by building “easy” links from low value websites.  We stopped these link building practices in 2010 when Google started warning companies that changes were coming.  It took them 3 years to make good on that promise but on May 22nd of this year they rolled out the final Penguin update that destroyed the rankings of a lot of websites with weak link profiles.

Natural Link profiles help Google determine where you should rank.
Matt Cutts – The Cuddly Google PR guy. Of course he always recommend doing it right including natural link profiles.

More information on the update can be found below –




I mention this because your dental website had a couple hundred “crappy” links built to it from the previous SEO company (see the attached report from April).  Those links had a dampening effect on the work that we did to get the site ranking higher.  That said, we have made some strong gains and are now in sight of the results we wanted to provide.

In addition we have setup Google Paid Search ads to provide you with a top 3 position in Google search (at no charge) until the organic search reaches a level we can put our name to.

Please let me know if you have any questions.



Thats how we do it –  full explanation – ongoing reporting – actionable advice & RESULTS.  We LOVE our SEO clients!

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