Link Building Guide

If you are running an ecommerce site, you probably know by now that conventional SEO methods that base the ranking on your on-site content are not as efficient here. That’s because Google’s algorithm is mainly text-based and ecommerce sites are full of images but are not really text-rich.

Of course, there is the powerful tool of off page SEO. Also known as link building, this approach is not easy to practice, but like a spiderweb, once you master it – it will serve you really, really well. And this article is about exactly that.

So How Do You Become a Link Building Machine?

First off, link building for ecommerce is not that different than link building for any other business. And here is how you do it:

Exchange Links with Partners and Related Businesses

Are you buying someone’s stuff? Good! Email them and offer to put your link on their webpage and have theirs on your own site. If you are selling recycled stuff, email a site that promotes environmental living and ask them to put your link up. If they go as far as to write a review, you are golden.

Ask Friends and Family to Link You

As simple as it sounds, or even simpler. They get to feel proud for you, and you get a free link! If one of them is already doing well online or is an avid blogger, all the better.

The Beauty and the Beast Approach

Find a site that looks horrific, really awful, but has really good page ranking. Yes, it is possible. Now you can offer to help them with the site’s look in exchange for a “thank you” link on their main page. Be specific, don’t offer a design overhaul. Offer to redo the logo or the header. If they say yes, find a designer on that will do it for $20. Yes, this is not free, but much cheaper than many other paid link options. And it works.

Engage Your Brand Ambassadors

We have all known for a very long time that if a blogger puts something on their banner, it’s going to rock. If you “sell” your product to a known blogger and they start writing about it, it will carry your brand and message a long way. You can engage customers in the same manner. Get them to link and mention you whenever you can. Create a buzz.

Get on Employee Discount Lists

Most universities and many other organizations have “.edu” pages. All you have to do, in order to get on board is to offer your product at a discounted price, and see your link posted up there. Those links are usually highly reputable and are considered one of the best off page SEO practices.

Contests, Draws and Giveaways

Those are a traffic magnet that can compete with “.edu” sites. The links will be permanent and may end up being multiplied. What you do is offer a blogger a sample product and ask them to write a brief review with the contest conditions. The more blogs you engage, the more links you will have.

Buy Out Expired Domains

If you find a domain in your market niche that has nothing going on, but has lots of links leading to it (you can check this on Open Site Explorer), buy it out and redirect it to yours. You get it with all of its links in a nice little package.

Time to Get Rockin’

Ok, there is more (isn’t there always?), but this should definitely get you started. We’ve covered here what is, in our opinion, a set of the best ecommerce link building methods, of both the free and inexpensive varieties.

If you simply want to see it done and don’t have the time or inclination to do it yourself, then we are always here for you. Our brigade of Toronto’s link building service specialists is at your service.

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