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Veterinary clinics are full of people dedicated to the health and care of animals, but they aren’t necessarily experts when it comes to marketing their own business or veterinary website design. Enter Pathfinder Veterinary Management Consultant. Tracy Herod, owner and consultant, has been helping veterinarians organize their businesses so they can focus on what’s important, the care of their furry patients. With experience assisting hospitals with their staffing policies, updated procedures and business operations, Pathfinder has got the solution for your practice.

The Challenge

Without any online presence, Tracy faced the challenge of sharing her unique management skills to a very niche industry. While print materials and word of mouth had gotten Pathfinder Veterinary Management a start, she really needed to take her business to the next level. They needed a solution to boosted numbers quickly.


With the help of Toronto SEO Group, Pathfinder Management developed a website to bring her services to the forefront. After a month of heavy design and planning Tracy’s website not only shares her services but also portrays her meticulousness in not only her own business but in the care she provides for others.

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