Video Marketing

Video is becoming an increasingly important component of inbound marketing. In fact,

the Weidert Group estimated that by mid-2017, video will account for close to 70 percent

of all consumer internet traffic. That’s a pretty significant jump from 53 percent in 2013.

The group estimated that by the end of 2018, video content will be published at a rate of

nearly 1 million minutes of content every second.


The bottom line is that now is the time to start leveraging the potential of video SEO

marketing. Doing so means getting smart about how you choose to publish your video

content. There are two major platforms out there for publishing video content: Wistia and

YouTube. You’ve probably heard of YouTube, but Wistia is relatively new, and it’s just

starting to gain traction in the online marketing community. Here, we’ll take a look at

everything you need to know about YouTube vs. Wistia video promotion.


YouTube Video Promotion

YouTube is an unrivaled giant when it comes to video content. YouTube is the second-

largest search engine in the world. Therefore, it gets a considerable amount of traffic. For

example, close to two-thirds of B2B marketers use YouTube as their platform of choice

for video marketing. There are even specialized YouTube video marketing agencies out

there. And there are undoubtedly advantages when it comes to YouTube video

promotion. It should be noted that there are indications that YouTube video content

receives preferential treatment when it comes to Google SERP rankings (although

Google has never officially admitted to this and likely never will).


Wistia Video Promotion

Wistia video promotion is great for SEO. The site gives users the ability to create a video

sitemap, which helps search engines crawl and index content more effectively. This

translates into higher rankings and more links. Wistia also makes it pretty hassle-free to

create schema markup, including thumbnail images, titles, video durations, video

descriptions, etc. All you’ll need to do is fill out a quick form that describes the content to

Google. Furthermore, many users report that Wistia offers better mobile compression

than YouTube — a clear advantage when it comes to engaging with mobile users and a

factor when it comes to SERP rankings.

Wistia also boasts superior lead capabilities when compared to YouTube. This is

primarily because Wistia allows content to be gated with a CTA form, providing far

superior metrics pertaining to who is consuming your video content and when they are

doing so. This is particularly valuable for B2B. When you sign up for a paid account, you

can even see a comprehensive history of your leads to gauge what they’re interested in

and how often they are consuming your content.


So, Which Platform Is Better?

When trying to decide between YouTube and Wistia video promotion, each platform has

a lot to offer. As any YouTube video marketing agency will tell you, YouTube arguably

has an advantage because it is well-known with users and may very well receive

favorable treatment when Google ranks video content. With that being said, Wistia boasts

far superior SEO and lead generation capabilities. Of course, the platform you end up

choosing will ultimately depend on your individual needs and preferences — and there is

no reason that you can’t use both platforms!


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