Hi Mike –

Right now there are 7 rotating images on the homepage of BCCA.  1 holiday + 6 others.

Do you think we should remove the 6 other rotating banners on BCCA homepage and just have the one static holiday banner?

I just noticed that most of the pictures are 400k, wondering if that has any impact on the site.





Great question -


The most recent data suggests a correlation between 1st bit time and ranking.  And the average website in the top 10 has increased in size by 151% over the last 7 years.  Those 2 pieces of data at first they seem to providing conflicting results.  On closer look though it makes sense.  Larger brands tend to occupy more of the top 10 results, they tend to use better dedicated servers with faster 1st bit times and they also have more advanced, multimedia heavy sites with larger pages. Google has always tipped their bias to larger brands.

Now that said, there are always the visitors to be concerned about.  Their behavior will affect the user metrics and consequently ranking.  On that note I would reduce the size of the images and / or the number of images to bring you under the 3 second load time.


Right now you are in the 4 to 8 second load range:

website load time vs seo
Shorter Website Load Times Are Better For SEO & Better For Your Visitors!
Hope that helps -

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