Facebook Reviews or Google Reviews

Reviews are very important, especially when it comes to attracting more customers. This is because customers read them. They look at them as testimonials that tell them whether a business is going to provide them with good service. If there are too many bad reviews, then a business could lose customers. Not only do reviews help consumers make informed decisions and drive them to companies, but they also improve local SEO.

Two of the primary review platforms are Google and Facebook. There are many other reputable ones out there, such as Yelp, but Google and Facebook get the most consumer traffic. There are unique qualities with both that benefit businesses.

Google Reviews

Google reviews are good for local SEO. People visiting a city can search for a specific type of location using their phone. They use Google because it will tell them how far away they are from the businesses that fit their search query. They can also see how many stars each business has, which will influence their decision of whether to shop there.

In addition, Google has made its review system very easy, making it simpler for businesses to convince their customers to leave reviews. Positive reviews are going to help steer consumers in the direction that is right for them. Of course, you want that to be you.

Facebook Reviews

While Google is a popular place to leave a review and is great for local SEO, many people are more comfortable leaving their reviews on Facebook. This is because Facebook is a single stop for all types of content. It has become a part of people’s everyday lives, so it is easy to go to a business’s page and leave a review from their mobile device or PC.

One significant advantage of customers leaving reviews on Facebook is that businesses can easily interact with these customers. There is also the fact that a Facebook page gathers a large group of people interested in that business. Because Facebook factors into Google, the content value is preserved.

The Conclusion

In the end, it’s a tossup between Google reviews and Facebook reviews because they have their individual qualities. In this case, it is good for a business to encourage customers to leave reviews on both or choose the platform they are most comfortable with. Many consumers look at reviews on both Facebook and Google before they make their final purchasing decision.


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