Why Hiring A Professional SEO Company is more cost effective

Is hiring a professional SEO company more cost effective than doing it yourself or in house?

Usually when a company or small business owner realizes the need to search engine optimize their website it is because of a problem.

Such as…

  • You have a new site that is not getting the attention it deserves by the search engines.
  • An existing website that is experiencing low rankings for the relevant / important business keywords.
  • A site that has previously enjoyed good or excellent traffic. Now the site is dropping in ranking due to stagnation and or heightened competition.

What is important to understand is that SEO needs to be done on the site from cradle to grave. The internet and its users constantly crave new, more relevant content. That content needs to be findable and let’s face it the online competition is not going away.


  • When you first start a company website, the site needs to be optimized for search.
  • Once the site has been up for a while it needs to be re-optimized.
  • If you leave a performing site to stagnate and the keyword rankings drop… yes you need to perform search engine optimization.

Most SEO professionals and business owners alike come to the same conclusion; SEO needs to be done the whole way through. The only real question is who is going to do it?

  • Owner
  • In house staff members
  • Professional SEO Company.

SEO can be do it yourself. There are many examples on the internet of sites with professional search engine optimization results that were done by a sole proprietor. When an SEOing sole proprieter is asked the question ‘how much time do you spend each week on SEO?’ the answer is invariably 20%. That is a major chunk of time for a business owner already wearing many hats. If, however, you have the determination to learn a skill with a steep learning curve and the time to devote to it – it can work.

If you are part of a small to medium sized company then you may already have an existing staff member with the right skill set. Some companies use these individuals with great results. The one issue that often arises in this setup is the lack of tracking & measurement. An in house SEO is usually doing it as a part of their normal duties. Without tracking both the time spent on the SEO function and the important site metrics, there is no way to guage the real costs to the business. Additionally, the staff member’s salary is usually seen as a pre-existing expense and little thought is given to how much of that salary is being paid to SEO.

As for big companies, most already use professional SEO because their brand positioning and search visibility is too important not to be left in the hands of an expert SEO / SEM team.

The answer is clear, using a professional SEO/SEM company to manage an online property is the most cost effective way of getting & maintaining high search engine rankings. Without the constant work of SEO for businesses to worry about, business owners and their staff can focus on the key business activities that bring revenue through the door.

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